Wednesday, July 13, 2016

When God answers prayers.

No. God didn't cure Jonathan's cancer, but he is working in our lives. We have been praying for the past 3-6 months about a job change for Jonathan. Something that would still challenge him and something closer to home.

I vividly remember getting up one morning and writing in my prayer journal (I write them out- journal style- It's the ADD way) about a job change for Jonathan. We had discussed some specifics on what he was looking for and I prayed for each of those things and asked for God just to open and close doors for us.

That evening (for real, it was the same day!), Jonathan received an email from a recruiter with a new job opportunity. The email had a bullet list of all the things we had discussed. The best news was that the job was located in Frisco.

So we prayed and contacted the recruiter. They set up an interview and then Jonathan had a seizure...
So we rescheduled. Jonathan interviewed with the company one week after going into the hospital. He says it wasn't his best interview. So, He was pleased to be offered the job! He started on July 11.

Changing jobs with cancer is kind of tricky. We can't go without insurance... Not even for a day. We planned to buy Cobra until our insurance picked up on August 1st. Cobra is awfully expensive but was pretty much our only option.

Jonathan turned in his two weeks notice. His last day was July 1st. When he turned in his notice we were told that since his last day was July 1st that we would have insurance coverage until the end of the month... July 31, Because they pay the company the first day of the month...

God has been all over this move from the very beginning. The extra blessing that he has given us is the gift of commute. Jonathan has a 10 minute commute. For real.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

(Come back tomorrow and I'll show you pictures from our vacation!)

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