Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Favorites: New Book, $10 shopping, Phelps face, thank you notes, summer hard.

It's Friday! Today I am linking up across the blogosphere, sharing my favorite things from this week!

{one} Olympics
I'm a little obsessed with the olympics! I'm so happy that we have another week to enjoy all the talented and hard-working athletes. My kids are a little Michael Phelps addicted and every time we go to the pool they pretend to be him! 
{two} Phelps face. 
I've cracked up over the phelps face. He was probably just enjoying his tunes. Sometimes at the gym I listen to gangster rap because it makes me feel stronger, I probably make a poop face too...

This got me to thinking, what does my resting face look like? 
Well, sweet Henry, took a couple of candid shots of me this week...

I'm happy to say that I just look a little confused while I was packing the pool bag... 

{three} The life-changing magic of tidying up....
Alright, I'm messy by nature... 
After reading this book I realized I just have too much stuff... I bought this book with the intention of getting my house in shape and all my peoples stuff in shape too... She makes the point that you have to start with your own stuff and then the rest of the family.... Lead by example. So, I plan to start with my closet and all the clothes. What sparks joy? I need to start and finish today, I try to hide my crazy on the weekends when Jonathan is home and if he sees me talking to my clothes and thanking them for being useful to me, I'm pretty sure he will have me committed. There will be ongoing updates on this and my simplifying process. 

{four} Private Gallery Popup shop.

There is a popup shop in Coppell that is open for another week or two that is carrying boutique children's clothes and women's boutique clothes for $10. Everything in the store is $10! I don't want to push materialism but if you are in need of some new clothes it's worth the stop. (Funny how I just pushed simplifying and then shopping... I'm working on that too)

230 N. Denton Tap Road #102
Coppell, Tx 75019

{five} Henry pics.. 

{six} Thank you notes
Lucy has been working hard on writing her birthday thank you notes. I'm not sure what they say but she is doing them herself! 

{seven} Henry the Helper
Henry responds really well to positive reinforcement and praise. He's been helping me around the house with laundry and picking up things. Every time I praise him, He asks, "What else do you need, Mama!?" When he isn't bad, he is sweet!

{eight} Summer Hard.
The last week of summer, we summer hard. What does that mean? We do all the activities and pack them into a week. We've had a fun summer but my kids can't recall the details of our full summer. So, I pack all the fun into one week and by the time we get back to school and they have to write about their summer they can recall details. I went to the zoo, got sno-cones, the lake, pool time with friends, we made a cake, finger painted outside and so-on... The teacher will think you are the greatest mom and your kids won't write- I watched netflix all summer and my mom made me make all my breakfasts and lunches...

I have a friend and every Monday during "What did you do this weekend" writing time, Her son would write- I went to church... every week. They could have flown around the world in a hot air balloon and he would still write I went to church...  So, at school conference time the teacher said, "I know you guys are a really religious family..." And that cracks me up...
(I wouldn't call them religious but faithful followers of Christ...)

If you are here for the home tour, I blogged my kitchen last week and am linking this week. 

If you missed my posts from earlier in the week you can read about Glorifying God in a speedo and My task God has asked me to do...

That is it... All I know.

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