Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Favorites: Shopping, Selling, Eating, and New Face Products.

{one} ThredUp
Alright, at first I was a little skeptical but now I'm addicted. I've found some really good deals on thredup. Thredup is an online consignment store. Best of all, on your first purchase you get 40% off and if you use this code you can get a $10 credit. 

Here are some of my finds. 
Splendid tunic top- $12

 Blu Pepper Dress- $9.50
This is one of my favorite brands and it was New With the Tags On!

Kay Unger Black Dress- $6.50
This was a $300 dress. Lucy told me it was perfect for a funeral...
 Everyone should have a funeral dress. Especially if it sucks you in at all the right places.
 Vineyard Vines New With Tags- $18.
 I just ordered this Lily Romper for myself and a pair of under armour pants for Henry... they were nwt @ $11.

I'm selling all of Lucy's boutique clothes. She just with through a growth spurt and everything was too short! There's still a lot left on the site. 

{three} New Face Product

These are really close pictures of my face... Beware.. and I'm sorry. 
But I wanted you to see what my new face products have done for my face. I'm pleased and can see a difference. 

My dermatologist recommended all of these products and I've been using this product for 2 weeks... 
(Also, I just applied the cream before I took this picture. I don't think I always look this greasy. 

 First- the eye cream.  It's suppose to help with wrinkles and black circles under eye...
 I can tell a difference in the circles under my eyes.

two weeks difference.
Less redness, cirlces, wrinkles, acne.
 Here's exactly what I've been using.
am moisturizer
lotion (I use on face and neck)
eye cream
tinted moisturizer- I use this instead of base during the summer.

{four} Jonathan had another great MRI scan and my BFF sent us cookies to celebrate!

{five} Show us Your Life- Kitchen Edition
Welcome to our kitchen. It's the gathering place and heart of the home.

Eating nook.

I love that it opens up to our family room.
(I drink my coffee in those chairs and talk to Jonathan in the morning while he fixes his breakfast.)

{six} rhea lana is starting tomorrow. 
I love this sale. I find the best deals! 

That's it. All that I know.

*This post contains affiliate links. Which means I might get paid per click or for purchases made.

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