Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Favorites!

It's Friday! School start on Monday!! 

Today I'm linking up with all my favorite Friday blogs! Because it's Friday and that's what I do! 

Also, today is a special day! I was selected as the featured blogger of the week for HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY! It's a weekly link up with Della, Katie, and Tif. My favorite part about a link up is 1.finding new blogs to read 2. being nosey and seeing how people live... (I love real everyday life) 

{one} This week on the blog. 

{two} Wesley received his first poodle cut! 


It took a little getting used to but  I think he looks pretty cute! I know he is a lot cooler with less hair!

{three} Summer Hard

Remember last week when I explained how we summered hard the week before school starts? Well, yesterday, Julie and I took our kids to the zoo! This is our annual tradition. (it's the second time for us to do this)

It was hot with a side of humidity. It was supposed to rain and we decided to chance it and I'm glad we did because it wasn't crowded, we got close parking, and it didn't rain. 

Hello Dallas.

My favorite part of the day was the Bald Eagle during the Wings of Wonder show.  I wanted to cry/chant USA! USA! (I've also been watching a lot of the Olympics and want to chant USA! during most everything!)
We ended our day with Snow Cones a the snow cone lady!

{four} My new favorite shirt.

I'm on the verge of buying this but I really only like to pay $8 or less on things... 

Jonathan and I have been married for 9 years and we are down to 4 spoons.... I've been looking for a new set of flatware to replace our dwindling set. 

If you give a mouse a cookie, She's going to look at plates to go with it...

Since Jonathan's diagnosis I've been using paper plates and it's very easy. I'll probably stick with my easy system of throwing away paper plates and not worrying about loading the dishwasher. 

{six} What we are watching

We just finished Stranger Things! We loved it. It's a little creepy but we both enjoyed it enough to be disappointed that there was only one season on Netflix!

I've been watching Little House on the Prairie too! Folding laundry has never been so enjoyable than with the Ingles. 

{seven} KonMari Method
I read this book last week and I started applying it to my life. 
10 bags of clothes + 2 that I gave to friends + 1 that I'm posting on my Instagram page + 2 bags of purses and shoes.... = a lot of stuff that didn't spark joy. 

This white shirt from ThredUp sparked the most joy in my whole closet. I was really surprised by this but think it has to do with calming my life down!
New Customers get 40% off their 1st purchase and if you click here and sign up you can get an additional $10 off! 

{eight} Back to School
Praise Jesus! I'm praying for all the teachers!  I love you all and I'd give you each a million dollars if I had it but since I don't -High Fives for everyone!! 

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

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