Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Weekend Review: Date night, Lucy's party, mom-life.

Saturday, our Arkansas Bost family arrived in Texas for Lucy's 8th birthday party. Since we didn't have plans and we had grandparents in town we decided to stick the kids with papaw and cookie and go on a date night with Dennis and Delta. 

So we put on our brightest clothes and hit the town. 

We had a fun evening out!

Sunday, we made the kids ride in the bed of the truck to church. Laws don't apply to us... Or. We waited in the bed of the truck for family to arrive. Pick your truth...

My sweet Henry is into dressing himself. I choose to lose this battle. So, soccer jersey and linen shorts for the win!

Can't believe my baby girl is 8!

After church we got ready to celebrate Lucy. I decided to have the party at a local park and use my jump house certificate I won at a recent fundraiser auction.

Shopkins are Lucy's favorite!

(I made a bunch of shopkin decorations and ordered a banner but it was so windy that I couldn't put anything up!)

I haven't thrown a party for Lucy since her 3rd birthday party... This year we decided to celebrate Lucy with a friend party. She invited all the kids from her 1st grade class, her soccer team,1st grade friends from church and all of her family and cousins!

The girls played a little frisbee..
 The boys bounced.
 After running and jumping for an hour, the snow cone truck arrived!

We cooled off with our snow cones and then enjoyed pizza and cakes. 

While we waited on the pinata to be hung, Lucy started an inpromptu conga line! The kids were too cute joining in!  

Emmy and I did not approve...
(I wonder if I always stand around making a poop-face... I'm going to work on that- next time you see me I'm going to have a joker smile..)

Pinata Time.

The Bost kids were excited about hitting something with a bat.

 But not as excited as Aunt Delta was about the candy! (or she was helping Harper!)

Fun was had by all. I loaded all those kids up with sugar and then sent them home with their parents.

We had a present opening party back at the house.

Monday I recovered by laying out by the pool all day. MOM LIFE...

I wish mom-life was this easy but sometimes we get to relax and play.

My exercise friends and I decided to go see a movie last night. It's funny the things you think about doing while you are in group-fitness classes. Whatever it takes to get through that class. We were like teenagers staying out until 10 at night! The three of us bonded over popcorn and laughter.

While you are here- Jonathan has an MRI tomorrow. We'd love your prayers for a stable scan.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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