Thursday, August 18, 2016

Weekly Happenings.

Let's backtrack a little to last Friday. Aunt Emily had been staying with us all week due to her air conditioner being out, Thursday she came in with stomach pain. I told her it was probably gas and that she would feel better in the morning. Friday, she woke up in excruciating pain. I proceeded to tell her to take a Tylenol and try to potty. That didn't help either; she was still in a lot of pain. So, I called a babysitter and took that kid to the hospital. 
She had appendicitis; her white blood count was through the roof! So, the Dr. scheduled her for surgery. Within an hour she was being prepped for surgery.   Did I mention that I was the only family she had in town? My sister and parents were at the beach in Alabama. Also, there is a video of Emily on morphine and me laughing at her on my Instagram account. 
The next morning after surgery Lucy helped me take care of our patient.
Emily was home by the next day. Mom flew in from Alabama and has been taking care of her baby ever since.

Sunday, I wore my new dress from the Rhea Lana sale to church. You'd be surprised what you can find on the juniors rack.

Monday. I read the book "the art of tidying up" last week and I started the process this week. Monday was the start of sorting and purging clothes, bags, shoes and jewelry. My first task was to move all of my clothes into one spot...
I didn't realize how much I owned, how much I didn't wear, and how little of this mass sparked joy. Also, I have some hoarding tendencies.

An example of sparking joy: My Christmas blazer no longer sparks joy but my ugly Christmas sweater set off a joy bomb!

Apparently, blazers no longer spark any joy for me.

I had 10 bags of clothes that I discarded. That isn't including the things that two of my friends took to their house. Let's call it 12 bags! After trying to sell these on a facebook garage sale site,  I had a friend contact me saying she wanted to go through them. I told her she could look through these under one condition- She had to take all of the bags! So, I  dropped them off at her house.

Tuesday, I went through my purse collection. I got rid of another garbage bag of purses and shoes.
Tuesday, we had to get out of the house and Mama needed to make a La Croix stop. Henry fell asleep on our way to Costco. I put him in the cart and Lucy let us borrow her pillow for his comfort... He slept the entire time.
He slept through Costco. He slept when I put him in the car. He was still sleeping when we got to the library. I put him in the wagon and Lucy and I had the best time looking for books.
He finally woke up when I announced it was time for snow cones.
Tuesday night was night 2 of chemo. Jonathan wanted a treat after his dose. Being the good wife that I am I drove to get him a treat, but honestly, I wanted a milkshake, too.

My kids had a rough night of poor decisions Tuesday night. Wednesday they woke up to mama yanking the covers off of them and cheerfully announcing it was time to meet downstairs for their to-do list at 6:45 in the morning. You read about their bad decisions here. 

Because of bad decisions, there would be no tv for the day. I gave them a lecture on why they would be doing chores all day. After my lecture, I handed them a to-do list and told them once they were done with that they could find me and let me know. After they finished the first list, I handed them another list. Once they finished the second list, I handed them a third list. Each list had different tasks: get dressed, clean your room, make you bed, brush you hair, brush you teeth, eat breakfast, clean the playroom, clean out my car, make my bed, write your birthday thank you notes, read 20 minutes, 5 pages out of the workbook, and take their laundry downstairs and sort it in the laundry sorter. They were not happy with me but that was okay because I was not happy with them.
We finished yesterday on a good note. They were both very tired and had no problem going to bed. I found these pictures on my phone that Lucy took in case you were wondering what she has been reading.

Today we are off to the zoo.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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