Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Favorites: MRI, Ice-Cream, Hogs, Netflix, Amazon...

It's Friday! This week has worn me out! I'm ready to relax and enjoy my family this weekend. And by relax, I mean go to 2 volleyball, 1 soccer and 1 t-ball game... Other than sitting at the ball field we plan on Family Movie Night and ordering pizza. 

Back to Friday Favorites, Here are a few of my favorite things! 

{one} MRI
Jonathan had another great MRI on Tuesday. The Dr. confirmed this as well as the specialist who read the profusion results. We were Downtown from 8-2 in the afternoon, Tuesday completely wiped me out and I haven't recovered yet... (Mary, it's Friday... get over it... ) 

{two} Ice Cream
We decided to get an after school treat on Monday. The kids wanted McDonald's ice cream so we swung through the golden arches and I was kind of excited about a dipped cone!

The man handed me this.... 

And Sometimes I accidently say things that are meant to just be thought... but out of my mouth came, "Well, that is the saddest thing I've ever seen..." to which he replied, "Have a Great Day." He didn't care that he handed me the saddest dipped cone in the history of McDonald's and honestly I didn't either... It ate just the same and was delicious!

{three} Painting

We ran by Manna's yesterday and Henry did a little painting... I love to watch him be creative. Behind all those little brushstrokes is a little story told by the sweetest boy I know.

{four} Thrifting and Mentors

Last year I went to a mentor meeting at our church. The meeting was meant to connect younger girls with more experienced ladies. I'm so happy I went because God connected me with my dear friend Carla. She is a wonderful, God fearing and outgoing lady.  We went to lunch on Wednesday and then to a thrift store. I found this little crock! I plan for it to hold my cooking utensils.

{five} Razorback Fan

After losing on Saturday the Bost house was a little gloomy. Even Lucy was sad and disappointed. She cried, y'all! She told me that she told an AM fan in her class that the Hogs were going to beat her team! 

And they didn't. 

Before I tell you the rest of the story please remember that Jonathan and I are both Arkansas Alumni and we even married on Old Main Lawn. We love the U of A. But being a hog fan comes with sec heartbreak. After seeing them break my daughter's heart we had this conversation-

Me: Lucy, you are young! You don't have to commit to a team right now. Mommy and Daddy chose this lifestyle. We chose to have our hearts broken every year during football season. The Hogs are always going to let you down, they are always going to run it down the middle... It's tradition... Sure, they may be ranked and get your hopes high but it won't last... it never does.

Mommy and Daddy would understand if you decided to pick another team. Manna and G-daddy both attended the University of Alabama and their team never loses and we would be okay if you chose to be an Alabama fan. There would be less heartbreak. It's a good school. We would support you...

Lucy: Mom, I just can't do it. I'm a razorback fan...

{six} Netflix and Chill
Old People version of Netflix and Chill= PJs and popcorn in the bed watching Longmire.

A new season just came out and we have been binge watching some Longmire!

{seven} Amazon order

This week on Mary's Amazon order...

Dog food and Elta eye moisturizer.

What do you think the fullfillment people were thinking when they rounded up these items: What are they doing to that dog!?

Wesley has to eat and Mama needed her eye-cream!

Remember this before and after...
I can't go back to having bags and wearing base...

I finally ran out of my tinted moirsturizer that I've been using instead of foundation so it's next on my amazon order...

{eight} Welcome

If you are coming from Kelly's Korner- Welcome! Thank you, Kelly, for featuring me and my family on your Friday Fellowship!

That's it. That's all I know...

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

I'm linking up with all the Friday Favorite Blogs. 

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