Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites: Weekly Happening Favorites, New News, 2 favorites.

 Today I'm linking up with some of my favorite blogs to share my Friday Favorites! I forgot to post yesterday so I will also share some weekly happenings!

{one} Wesley
This has been the week of Wesley.

Wesley whispering sweet nothings into Lucy's ear.

After eating a steak, some cookies, and a chocolate cupcake, we had to take sweet Wesley to the vet.

Vet verdict- Tummy Ache... I could have told him that and charged him $200...

 {two} Cravings.
Do you ever just need some chocolate? Henry and I did! We ran to the nearest grocery store and hit up the ice cream and m&m's aisles!

While we were at market street (I don't usually shop at Market street because it is so expensive...), I smelt the best candle! After falling in love with the scent I decided to buy one, the price on the bottom was $65! I quickly put it back and decided I could think of 65 different ways I'd rather spend $65.

{three} Sweet Henry
Why talk about one kid and not the other? Lucy is always at school... Henry and Clark watching sisters play volleyball.

Henry's new hairdo!

Henry, Wesley and the Sprinklers.

Lucy and Henry working on homework together.

 t-ball practice!

 {four} New method of drinking
I've started to drink all liquids out of a straw. I chipped my front tooth from banging my mug into my front row...  I just had my tooth fixed so I am trying to be careful with my mouth... (weird)

{five} The redneck yeti
This just made me laugh! Especially, the monogram!

{six} Thredup.
Someone take away my paypal account. Just kidding, I had a credit built up where I had been returning things and this week I found a couple of things that I liked. The great thing about thredup is you have 14 days to return things if they don't fit, you hate them, etc. Returns are easy too.

Here are some of my newest finds.
I love a tunic.

 Here are some of my past keepers.

These AG jeans were $25 and feel like I'm wearing Pajamas!! 
Most of these clothes are new with tags but others are in excellent condition without tags. If you signup for thredup Here, you can get $10 credit and it's 40% off of your first purchase! 

 {seven} Past Blog post
I linked up earlier in the week and shared my favorite blog posts from the past. You can see that post here! 

 {eight} New News

 There's a new mom blog launching October 16 and I'm going to be a contributor! I'm excited about this opportunity! I'll be sharing parenting, marriage, mommin stories, advice, crafts, recipes, and whatever else moms need, want or do! I'm looking forward to building community with local moms!

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