Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites

{one} Back to school comparison
Lucy vs. Henry, age 4. 

My first bible study assignment was to read all of Romans and to fill out a chart. This took me a sweet forever. I read and chewed on each word and just loved the joy that Paul has in this letter.

{three} Bulk Shopping
I have to make a Costco run today; I am super excited to shop by myself and stock up on the things we need. The great thing about Costco is it's a one-stop shop! I can buy everything from fruit to highlighters to panties to facewash to a whole lamb.  If you need me I will be walking all the aisles in Costco.

{four} Konmari

I've shared pictures of some before and afters of my Konmari clean out. I'm excited to get started on the Miscellaneous things in my house. I have a lot of things that don't spark joy! Once I finish sorting and purging my things I'm going to make the kids do their things, or I'm going to purge all of their toys. (because I hate all of their toys) I haven't decided if they will have a decision during this process.

I don't have a 5th favorite. Instead, I have a request.
Jonathan starts round 14 of chemo on Monday. I'd like to say that with every round it gets easier but to be honest- IT DOESN'T. Nausea is bad. Fatigue is bad. It's hard on him. It's hard on me. It's hard on our kids. We are trying our 5th nausea medicine. Will y'all pray that this medicine works and there are fewer side effects?

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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