Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Secret Keeper: Modesty and Inner Beauty

This weekend Lucy and I attended the Secret Keeper Girl Live Party! It was a fun show/concert/message about inner beauty, modesty, and purity. I felt like they really covered inner beauty and modesty well! (They promise not to mention SEX) 

Why and What did I love about this? 
I loved that they reinforced that our girls are a MASTERPIECE made by GOD! He is the creator of all things and everything that he creates has been thoughtfully and wonderfully made. He took the time to create all of their details. 

I'm going to be honest 2nd grade is when it starts... What starts? Comparison, Boys, Mean Girls... 

That's hard as a mom to watch your beautiful, confident daughter start to worry about worldly things and know exactly how she feels! I feel like I didn't start this stage of worry until middle school.  

I also learned that I can easily embarrass my daughter. There might have been music and dancing at this event too and I took advantage of the fact that I can embarrass her and did... 

Inner Beauty. Vickie Courtney starts off with this conversation in her book 5 Conversations to have with your daughter. You're beautiful and Mama loves you isn't enough... The world is against moms and our daughters, they can make a fortune off our daughter's insecurities (and ours).  We need to start early (like yesterday) building our daughter's confidence in their Identity in Christ.

They are good enough for Him and He is all that matters.

 Look, even the prettiest girls have been made unrealistic, unattainably beautiful. (While I was looking at these before and after photoshop pictures I was so happy to see what these beautiful ladies looked like)

Modesty: Another great tool for our Mom toolbox. 
They have a great 10 part modesty test on the Secret Keeper Girl website. 

The other morning before church I asked Lucy to go get ready and to remember the rules we learned about at the show. She did a great job getting ready and then she came downstairs and saw that I was dressed and putting on makeup. I had on skinny jeans, gold shoes, a white tank with a sheer white and gold long-sleeved shirt on. Lucy looked me up and down and said, "Mom, I don't want to hurt your feelings but you aren't dressed modestly...your shirt is see-through and I can see your white tank-top...." I wanted to say Lilly doesn't make immodest clothes but instead, I said, "you know what, if this makes you uncomfortable I'm going to change." And I did. I wanted to set the groundwork for conversation and the example that you don't question someone's opinion, you just change. 

(Was I dressed immodestly? no... but I'm Lucy's example in this world.) 

I just wanted to let moms know about this great resource. I didn't know anything about it until a friend told my sister a couple of weeks ago... But I'm so glad I have this to arm against the tween years and lay the foundation for the teen and beyond years. Mommin' is hard!

If the Secret Keeper Girl is coming to your city I would highly recommend going!

Also, I ordered a few of their books. In case you are interested, they are listed below.

Six ways to keep the Little in your Girls- Dannah Gresh

The Mother Daughter 1 year Devo

Great Dates for Moms and Daughters

Best Friends and Mean Girls

Understanding Boys

5 conversations to have with your Daughter

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

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