Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Weekend Review: Arkansas Labor Day

We joke that we have to take the kids back to Arkansas at least twice a year so they can experience trees, hills, and nature. We love living in Texas and wouldn't trade it for anything, but we miss the beauty of Arkansas. 

Henry and Papaw testing out the tractor. 

We spent a lot of time on the boat with cousins. 

We ate.

We went to church on Sunday and I tried out my new Teva sandals. (don't be fooled, there is velcro involved with these)

We also attended Mamaw Vel's 92nd Birthday Party. Henry took a pre-party snooze.

Lucy and Asher love, love, love each other.

Henry loves Papaw.

Some of the great-grandchildren.

Most of the grandkids.

More of the greats.

Papaw's youngest.

My love and I.

After the party was the after-party at the lake. The kids played until they cried.

I enjoyed watching the kids with this lady.

Cookie did some reading from the secret garden.

Henry tried hot chocolate. Not his favorite. 

The kids couldn't leave without fishing. 

Then we packed up and headed back to Texas. Henry took a 5-hour nap.
Lucy watched Little House on the Praire.

All had fun!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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