Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend Review: T-ball, Volleyball, games, and jumping.

I'm glad we are starting a new week. Monday always feels like a clean slate! Last week was full and on top of everyday life, it was chemo week as well. Chemo week is always extra stressful because we are down one parent, and that one parent doesn't feel well.

Thursday night is T-ball practice for Henry. Practice ended 20 minutes early because this team of 4-year old boys was rowdy and not in the mood for t-ball...  

The sisters of the team worked on spelling words and homework and then had a great time on the playground and playing chase. 

Lucy had her first volleyball game on Friday night. The girls did great and but lost both games. I know they will get better as the season goes along. (Lucy is in the bright green knee pads)

Lucy's constitution paper with Pete the cat.

Henry's lego man..

 Saturday was full of games! Lucy had an early morning soccer game!

 Henry and I practiced t-ball while she had pregame practice and during halftime. He asked to borrow my sunglasses so he could look like a real baseball player. Don't tell him that real baseball players don't wear their mama's full face sunglasses. :)

After Lucy's soccer game and Henry's t-ball game, we went to Flower mound so the kids could spend the night with the Cobles'. On my way to Flower Mound, I passed a sale sign and so we all checked it out. Best Buy warehouse sale... We didn't need or buy anything but it was fun to look through the warehouse.
 The Coble twins had a birthday party to attend so we tagged along.

 Everybody loves a bounce party!

I left the kids at the Cobles' for the night and Jonathan and I spend the evening eating chicken burritos and watching the Razorbacks win!

We finished the weekend with a nap and then getting our kids in bed by 6:30!
God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it.  

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