Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Review

I miss the weekends where we didn't have anything planned! With two kids in three total sports I'm beat! Thankfully we didn't have a volleyball game this week but we will pay for it with 2 next week! (2 volleyball games, 1 tball and 1 soccer...) 

Henry was ready for school on Friday! He is enjoying his 3 day schedule and I'm thankful he likes it and is learning a lot.  

 Lucy ready for school!

 Friday I had a list of things to get completed and one was Costco. I love my day of bulk! I had to stock up on drinks and kids lunch supplies. While I was there I saw this giant bear and texted Sister and told her to get ready for these come Christmas time! Wouldn't it be hilarious if I bought 4 of these for each of her kids!

Also, in case you are in need... Costco has vanilla beans right now. I think they are seasonal.. Emily, I know you were looking for these and I meant to text you... 

   Saturday we had soccer pictures and then a soccer game! We had to get to the field by 7:20 in the morning! The girls won their 3rd game! (6-0)
 Lucy's been on the same team for 7 seasons! We still have 3 of the original players!

 After soccer we had a tball game.

Our day of games knocked Henry out!

My friend Julie and I suprised the girls with a mom and daughter date night to see the Secret Keeper Girls Live! It was a lot of fun and so informative. I'm going to cover this event and amazing program tomorrow!

 Thanks Sister and Colette for telling us about this!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it!

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