Thursday, September 8, 2016

Weekly Happenings: Back to School, Bible Study, White after labor day, volleyball and more.

Weekly Happenings
Henry David started PreK-4 yesterday! I can't believe this little guy will be in Kindergarten next year!

 I can't believe how much he has changed since starting his school career! The biggest  change is how opinionated he is on his clothing and shoes choices. I tried to dress him in gingham and khakis and he was having no part of that!

He also fixes his own hair! I'm so proud of his independence.

We tried out some silly faces and poses after the serious back to school pictures.

I love this little boy.

And he loves school and it wore him out! He was asleep by the time we hit our first turn!

Speaking of first turns... Yesterday was the start to Bible Study! I'm so excited about this year and digging deep into Romans.

Also, I wear white after labor day. I don't like rules and I don't like being told what to do. It's not biblical and I will be sporting the whites until it's not hot in Texas! (November...)

My morning reading. 
I get up early and start of with my prayer book, then bible study and if I have time my book. 

My prayer journal keeps me on task. If I sit still too long my ADD takes control. 
Each column has a different request:
God (name something He is), Confession, Thanksgiving, Church, Journey (Adult Fellowship), Friends, Extended Family, Jonathan, Lucy, Henry, Mary and Other. (Other: medical, drs, country, armed forces, schools, teachers and so on.)

The book I'm currently reading. 

Volley Ball has started! Lucy is super pumped about starting a new sport. We limit our kids to two activities and to be honest that is one to many. Henry plays tee ball and Lucy plays soccer and volleyball. I don't pressure these kids to play sports because I don't like driving all over town; they have to show interest for me to sign them up.

The brothers were great supporters.

Lucy in action.

My sweet Wesley is huge and has learned how to jump on counters. He pulled a dish of brownies off the counter. I don't know if I was more mad at cleaning up the mess or that we didn't have any more brownies to eat.

Still wishing we were in Arkansas at the lake with the other Bosts.

This guy still gives me the tingles and has for the past 14 years (9.5 of marriage)

I bragged on my Teva wedges and I wanted to let everyone know that they are super comfortable.
I don't love pictures of feet but I would like you to notice a new trend in toenails- The big toe painted and the rest natural... Actually, I painted the big toes and then I put my kids to bed and I forgot to paint the rest...

I'm still doing the KonMari method to my house. It's slow but freeing! 

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