Thursday, September 15, 2016

Weekly Happenings

My sweet kids are going to learn to uber soon. I'm a professional chauffeur these days. We jump in the mom bus and go from one things to another: soccer, tee-ball, volleyball, games, DRS, Walmart.... To tell you the truth, I love it. We have the best conversations in the car! Except when the kids are fighting and I yell for the start of the quiet game!

This week at soccer practice Henry made friends with the little sisters of the team.

At first, he was hesitant and came to me and said, "they won't play with me." We had a life lesson #897 and learned that you have to include yourself and can't rely on others to include you. Five minutes later and they were inviting each other to their birthday parties and planning the next playdate! In case you were wondering, life lesson #897 was on wiping your own bottom...

Lucy and her soccer team.

The little playing soccer on the vacant field next to practice. Henry was dressed as a power ranger. :)

Aunt Emily came to watch practice with us.
Wednesday was Bible Study Day. I'm so excited about our group this year (I say that every year) but after our first group discussion I was so encouraged and excited about this year and all the ladies.

(mary fact- I drink black coffee. I always have... One time my memaw fixed me a cup of coffee and her coffee alway consisted of a lot of sugar, a lot of cream and a dash of coffee. Six-year-old Mary self said drink my coffee black just like my Mama.")

Last night Henry attended a birthday party at Play Street Museum and had the best time!

  Pretend play is his favorite!

Also, Henry is still an early riser. Here we are at 4:45. I don't even set my alarm anymore because I know Wesley will need to get up early. I use that as an opportunity to get up, drink my coffee in the quiet, do my prayer time, read my bible study and catch up on blogs. So really Wesley is making me more productive!

We are looking forward to the weekend to rest from a long busy week. Actually, our weekend includes 3 different games and the end of chemo. All will have :) Fun! 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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