Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend Review: Halloween Festivities!

Happy Halloween! My kids are super pumped to get dressed up and beg for candy tonight! I feel sorry for all the teachers today and tomorrow! 

Henry David was ready for his school's Halloween party and parade! 

 I love this little boy and that toothless grin!

I helped with the craft at his party and after I had finished Henry looked at me and said, "Mom, great job helping!" When I got ready to leave I gave Henry a hug and he said, "Mom, don't go home and hide in the trash can, ok?!" I'm not sure what he thinks I do every day.
I picked up Panera and took it to Lucy's school for lunch. I brought a surprise visitor with me! I might as well have not been there! This little girl is a daddy's girl!
 She likes me but she loves her daddy.

When Lucy saw Jonathan she asked him,"Dad, how did you get here? Did mom check you out of work?!"

 After lunch, I ran home to make pumpkin cupcakes for the fall festival. While I was baking I had a delivery! Edible Arrangments are my favorite!

 And a box of treats! I can make a dinner out of cheese and crackers!

 My cupcakes ready for the fall festival!

 Lucy's star trek costume was Jonathan's when he was a kid. Nerd runs deep in this family.


  After the fall festival, we had pizza at our favorite local pizza parlor. It was late and by the time we got home we were all exhausted.
 Did I mention Cookie and Papaw were visiting!?

 Saturday we introduced Cookie and Papaw to our new Saturday living- full of games...

We started at tee-ball.

Then volleyball.

Then soccer. Our little soccer team beat the #2 team and secured their place in the rec league championship! They won 4-0. Only 4 goals have been scored against our team this season. It's been fun to watch soccer this year because they are actually playing the game!

 Henry was dressed as Power Ranger Prime.

 To celebrate we ate at the cheesecake factory. Mama really wanted some cheesecake...
We ended our weekend at church. Jonathan took Cookie and Papaw to big church and I attended the second part of Raising Girls to be Women class. My friend Andi is kind of a big deal and knows a lot on how kids develop and what's going on in their brains... I soaked all her words up like a sponge.

And that is how we spend our weekend!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Favorites: Fall Fest, Makeup, Perfume, Rest


If you need a FREE family activity for tonight, Join us at Stonebriar Church for our fall festival! This is great fun for the whole family! 

The kids the past couple of years dressed for fall festival!


I used my powder compact down to the last granule. I had to go into Nordstrom without any makeup because I seriously used it all! I like to time my makeup purchases with the free gift but I missed this one. I was able to buy the holiday box with my dual finish powder. This holiday box is worth it in mascara and eye makeup remover alone. I always try to get the gift set when it is available because I like to make the most of my money spent!

Also, Lancome has this perfume that I love. I got a free sample and tried it the other day. My sweet husband took me in his arms in a warm embrace and said, "mmm.... you smell good. You smell like my dad's first State Farm office..." I guess I invoke a memory...

Mary Fact- I'm a cheap person but my mama taught me NEVER to skimp on hair cuts, shoes or makeup. I've tried and she is right. 


I konmari-ed the pants off my guest room closet. Seriously, the life-changing art of tidying up is really life-changing! Especially if you have some hoarding/procrastinating tendencies. 


I wrote my first post for the Mom blog and it was posted this week! I share tips for planning the family calendar. Which is funny only because I keep forgetting about things that are written on my calendar. I should have just written- If you don't want to be too busy just forget about all of your appointments...


Earlier in the week, I blogged about the importance of rest and what I learned from taking a little time off from blogging and extra activities... 

That's it. I'm linking up with a lot of Friday Favorites today. Thanks for stopping by.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Weekly Happenings

My sweet husband isn't one of my regular blog readers but when he does read he has told me that he likes these weekly recaps... I guess he is a visual learner as I'm 95% sure I give him a daily recap every day... 

Monday after I dropped Henry off at school I ran into the senior center and voted!
1. The senior center is nice and I hope when I'm old to go play supervised games with my friends...
2. Voting took 3 minutes. I was in and out. 
3. This was my first time to vote... I know, I'm a bad American but I'm trying to change... Every vote counts... 

 Yesterday I blogged about cleaning out my guest closet.  I'm going to guess there were 20 trash bags full of junk that I got rid of this week. Some are pictured below. The Konmari method really does work, I was even to sort out some sentimental boxes and I was ruthless!

Have you ever sold things on the facebook garage sale site? I posted lots of clothes on the site and had them listed for a low price and I received some crazy responses. I've decided to match crazy with crazy.

Do you deliver? 
- No, fishing is fun. Halabaloo.

Instead of $20 for your like new lot of clothes how about $5 and some Cheetos?
- Curtsy and thank your mama. Peanut Butter Biscuit.

What's the lowest you will take for your already low priced item? 
-ground level penthouse cucumber squash...

Does this 7/8 outfit run true to size?
Oh, too bad. It won't fit my 4-year-old...
- it doesn't fit my son or my dog either...

Instagram! Get ready, TooSweetSisters is getting ready for a sale. I'm celebrating cleaning up by listing this stuff cheap! Also, I cleaned out Lucy's closet and she told me some of her Matilda Jane is baby and she just likes to wear dresses and under armor...

 All the things that are out of my house!

Yesterday after bible study, Kristin and I went and ate bread at my favorite place to eat bread. (I'd give you the name of my favorite bread eating place but now you have to ask me about it and I can casually invite myself...)

Every month I have to come up with something about parenting, marriage, life - for the Collin County Mom Blog and I thought I would get a jump start on a future blog post. Something we have been struggling with is Homework. Basically doing it... Not that it is hard, I've seen her do it in 20 minutes. It's getting her to sit down to start and finish. So, I set up our table with a snack, homework, pens and pencils and I was going to show how we do it, you know... to encourage moms....

Well, Lucy sat down and had her snack and then did everything but her homework. mostly complained, got up to go to the bathroom 7 times and an hour and a half later she had finished 3 out of 14 problems...

It was a beating! And we still had to read and do spelling words. She's in the second grade! What am I going to do?? I'd love to hear your homework advice!

Now a Henry story-
Henry: "Mom, my friend's dog died. She is really sad."
Me: "That is so sad, did you tell her you were sorry?"
Henry: "No! I didn't kill her dog!"

That is our week. I'm praising God that it is Thursday! We have a busy weekend with games and fall festivities! The kids are super excited to have super special visitors this weekend, too!

Also, My first post is on the Collin County Moms Blog today!

Last, if you missed it, Monday I posted about Resting.

That's it.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it.