Tuesday, October 25, 2016

5 Lessons Learned from Resting

I discovered 5 things about myself, life, family, and God when I allowed myself to slow down and rest. 

1. I am Tired. 
When I allow myself to catch up on sleep and decompress I feel refreshed. This is also dangerous because I could easily climb into bed when life feels too hard. I discovered- Yes I am tired but I can't glorify God from my bed... 

2. Everyone likes to touch me. 
This has no further insight just an observation from slowing down. I caught myself saying multiple times, "Stop Touching me!" I will love, cuddle and hug my family all day long but I would find my kids touching my face while they were telling me a story. Let's all learn proper physical touch boundaries... 

3. I have to exercise. 
Exercise is how I handle my stress. I can get all that extra emotion out with an hour at the gym. I have seriously been slacking... I also learned that my body hurts from stress- from the top of my head to my tailbone I can feel all the stress... I have to get that out. After a day at the gym on Friday, I felt like myself again. I need to incorporate stretching into my day, even if I can't make it to the gym. 

4. I have to say no. 
I've got to quit signing up for things. This is not my season to be present outside my home. Last week, I said no to a launch party and a girls night. It felt great not to have any plans. (I didn't make this decision by myself, a headache has a lot to do with it... I have to listen to my body, too.) 

5. JC time. 
I have to start my day with Jesus. I do a good job of this. I set my coffee pot to self-start and by 5:00, Wesley and I are outside with coffee in hand and I can sit and do my prayer time. I love this time of day. I've also been reading through the bible and I need more of God's word in my life. He has given me a manual to know him and I want to know everything I can about his pure, perfect, loving, compassionate character.

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

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