Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favorites: Card, shoes, and dogs.

one. This Card. 
Chemo week is always hard for us. One, Jonathan is nauseated from the medicine. Two, It's a reminder that Jonathan has cancer.  This hasn't gone away. He isn't healed. And every month I grieve. I hurt. I hurt for my husband, I hurt for our kids, I hurt for our old carefree ways, and I hurt for a normal life. I just hurt. 

I found this card in the mail and I laughed until I cried. (Thank you to this friend! You make me laugh and I love to laugh.) I'm not sure why people think it is appropriate to tell me about someone they know or loved that has died from cancer.... My next favorite inappropriate statement is "When you need money will you let me know..." 

two. Booties. 
I've been eyeing the toms booties for a while but never wanted to pay full price and the cheetah print never goes on sale. I finally found a brand new pair with tags on ebay for half of the price. I know I already told y'all this but it needs repeating. 

I remember being a young mom and wanting to dress cute but thought I needed new clothes because I didn't know about the world of eBay or second hand... Since new clothes weren't in our budget I settled for not getting dressed up. 

Second hand is your budget's friend! Thredup and Resale shops are my favorite! (My dress is from thredup, $8... )

 three. Wesley the Poodle.

Wesley is my favorite. He loves to snuggle and sleep on his back. He has a date with the groomer next week and I'm really excited about that.

Those are my favorites for this week!

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it.

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