Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday Favorites: Fall Fest, Makeup, Perfume, Rest


If you need a FREE family activity for tonight, Join us at Stonebriar Church for our fall festival! This is great fun for the whole family! 

The kids the past couple of years dressed for fall festival!


I used my powder compact down to the last granule. I had to go into Nordstrom without any makeup because I seriously used it all! I like to time my makeup purchases with the free gift but I missed this one. I was able to buy the holiday box with my dual finish powder. This holiday box is worth it in mascara and eye makeup remover alone. I always try to get the gift set when it is available because I like to make the most of my money spent!

Also, Lancome has this perfume that I love. I got a free sample and tried it the other day. My sweet husband took me in his arms in a warm embrace and said, "mmm.... you smell good. You smell like my dad's first State Farm office..." I guess I invoke a memory...

Mary Fact- I'm a cheap person but my mama taught me NEVER to skimp on hair cuts, shoes or makeup. I've tried and she is right. 


I konmari-ed the pants off my guest room closet. Seriously, the life-changing art of tidying up is really life-changing! Especially if you have some hoarding/procrastinating tendencies. 


I wrote my first post for the Mom blog and it was posted this week! I share tips for planning the family calendar. Which is funny only because I keep forgetting about things that are written on my calendar. I should have just written- If you don't want to be too busy just forget about all of your appointments...


Earlier in the week, I blogged about the importance of rest and what I learned from taking a little time off from blogging and extra activities... 

That's it. I'm linking up with a lot of Friday Favorites today. Thanks for stopping by.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

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