Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Konmari Method: Bathroom Edition

At the beginning of the school year, I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. by Marie Kondo. She introduces her Konmari method of tidying and has you pull out all your junk and touch each item to see if it sparks joy. If it doesn't you thank it and release it and get it out of your house. You should only be surrounded by the things that spark joy. 

I thought it was silly that she wanted me to talk to my objects but since I have some hoarding tendencies I found myself doing this and it made it easier to let it go!

Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom...  After I pulled all this mess out I was ready to throw it all away and be done but I did make myself go through each item... And I found $20! I felt like the richest lady in town! 
bathroom organizing, cleaning, tidying
(did you spot the squatty potty in this picture?... it's the gift that keeps giving. I only point it out so that you know that I know that you know....)

So after pulling all that mess out, I had to sort it. By the time I finished I had two giant garbage bags to throw away and a box of towels and items to giveaway. I got rid of all my mismatched towels and bought brand new white towels from Costco for the whole house (because they were a great price...) and this way they match and I don't have to think about where anything goes.

Under Jonathan's sink houses all of Wesley's bathing supplies.

Under my sink houses nail polish, lotion, makeup bags.

I even through away makeup... I threw away a lipstick that I bought for Freshman Rush at the U of A. (That was 2002...)

I also went through all of the kitchen towels and the medicine cabinet.

This is my third round of Konmari..
First Clotheshttp://www.bostfamilyblog.com/2016/08/weekly-happenings_18.html

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Every time that I throw away or give away a bag of junk I feel a big weight off of me. It if Freeing! 

I need to move on to the linen closet. I'll keep you updated on how far I get. 

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it.

organizing bathroom/linen closet/drawers

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