Monday, October 3, 2016

Weekend Review: Hair, Games, Friends, Running.

It's Monday and it's October! We had an eventful weekend. I'm going to be honest, we are homebodies. I would rather be in my pajamas and watching a movie with the kids than running around town to different activities! 

Friday, I met a friend for a breakfast date. We caught up and ate chickfila. I then picked up chickfila salads and headed to my hair appointment. 

My friend Kristen does my hair and I had the best time eating, chatting and getting pretty with her! 

Have you ever met someone who you just went deep with? I can't remember a time that we sat and had awkward small talk, we go deep and share our struggles, pains, hopes, dreams, fears, and Jesus with each other. I think she is amazing.

You might know her as mom to Moses, the kid that Henry collided with and knocked all of his teeth out... 

I picked Henry up from school and he said, "Mom! You are beautiful! You and Wesley have the same hair! (This didn't hurt my feelings because he really thinks Wesley is "Boo-tiful".) If you follow me on Instagram you've already heard that story.. 

Saturday, we started the day with an 8am volleyball game. Our little Spiker Chicks are learning a lot about character and humility this volleyball season but they are getting better each game!

(Lucy is serving in the green knee pads)

After our 1st game we had a short break and then played another game!

Julie was a line ref!

After volleyball we headed to Henry's tee ball game.

I tried the Apricot La Croix on our way to soccer and it was good. Not my favorite but not the worst. (orange and pure are my favorites...) 

After t-ball we headed to Lucy's soccer game. Henry was out by this point. I loaded him in the wagon and he slept the entire game!
After the day of games we were excited to relax and put the kids to bed early. 

Sunday, we went to church and Sunday school and then met for our weekly lunch. These are the only two pictures I took. 

After lunch, I just wanted to nap. So I did. Until I heard all the running, screaming and barking. The kids were chasing and being chased by Wesley in the house. Up and down the stairs, back and forth. I told them to stop running 1000x. Since they wanted to run, I had them put on their tennis shoes and run laps around the block and then get their bikes and ride back and forth. I think I'm going to put laps into our discipline rotation... 

The sunset last night as I was driving to the store...

That's it. Our whole weekend.

Last, those who are coming back from Kelly's Korner I just wanted to say thank-you for all the kind messages, emails, and comments. I can't believe how many of you reached out and said you were praying for my family (it made me cry) and also how many of you sent me gravy recipes and were disappointed by my culinary skills! I'm going to make gravy and invite all of you over, or at least take a picture.

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

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