Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend Review: Halloween Festivities!

Happy Halloween! My kids are super pumped to get dressed up and beg for candy tonight! I feel sorry for all the teachers today and tomorrow! 

Henry David was ready for his school's Halloween party and parade! 

 I love this little boy and that toothless grin!

I helped with the craft at his party and after I had finished Henry looked at me and said, "Mom, great job helping!" When I got ready to leave I gave Henry a hug and he said, "Mom, don't go home and hide in the trash can, ok?!" I'm not sure what he thinks I do every day.
I picked up Panera and took it to Lucy's school for lunch. I brought a surprise visitor with me! I might as well have not been there! This little girl is a daddy's girl!
 She likes me but she loves her daddy.

When Lucy saw Jonathan she asked him,"Dad, how did you get here? Did mom check you out of work?!"

 After lunch, I ran home to make pumpkin cupcakes for the fall festival. While I was baking I had a delivery! Edible Arrangments are my favorite!

 And a box of treats! I can make a dinner out of cheese and crackers!

 My cupcakes ready for the fall festival!

 Lucy's star trek costume was Jonathan's when he was a kid. Nerd runs deep in this family.


  After the fall festival, we had pizza at our favorite local pizza parlor. It was late and by the time we got home we were all exhausted.
 Did I mention Cookie and Papaw were visiting!?

 Saturday we introduced Cookie and Papaw to our new Saturday living- full of games...

We started at tee-ball.

Then volleyball.

Then soccer. Our little soccer team beat the #2 team and secured their place in the rec league championship! They won 4-0. Only 4 goals have been scored against our team this season. It's been fun to watch soccer this year because they are actually playing the game!

 Henry was dressed as Power Ranger Prime.

 To celebrate we ate at the cheesecake factory. Mama really wanted some cheesecake...
We ended our weekend at church. Jonathan took Cookie and Papaw to big church and I attended the second part of Raising Girls to be Women class. My friend Andi is kind of a big deal and knows a lot on how kids develop and what's going on in their brains... I soaked all her words up like a sponge.

And that is how we spend our weekend!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

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