Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Review

I took a little break from my blog last week. I needed some time away. I'm thankful I did because it made me brainstorm things I wanted to talk openly about. Those are coming soon. 

Today I'm going to catch you up on our weekend. 

Thursday, Wesley got a haircut! 

Friday He became a new man... Poor guy has to wear the cone of shame for another 5 days. 

I ran into Frisco Resale on Friday. Now is a good time to buy patio furniture and outside planters. A lot of people are cleaning up for the fall and are taking their unwanted things to the restore. It's also a good time to buy boots and fall things, people are also changing out their closets for fall and I've found a lot of like new fall things!

They had a stack of pottery barn pillows the other day and these two lovelies came home with me. 

 I received a Starbuck's gift card from my Collin County Moms Blog group and enjoyed my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season!

Random Fact- I drink black coffee. I rarely drink anything else and I really never buy coffee unless I have a gift card. My reason? I can make a pot of black coffee for $.35 at home...

 Saturday we had Volleyball, t-ball, and soccer. We had to divide and conquer to get all the games done! We were done by 1:00. I finished my Saturday with a nap and the Alabama vs. AM game... I tried to watch the Razorbacks...

While I watched Lucy play volleyball, Henry captured pictures of his friends.

 Speaking of the Razorbacks. I almost have Lucy convinced to be an Alabama fan.
1. It would be easier than being a Razorback.
2. All the winning.
3. It's in the south.
4. Same colors as Arkansas.
5. It's in her blood. Manna and G-daddy are both Alumni.

Until then we will wear my beloved Hogs.
How cute are they? I got their shirts at Henry's school's vendor fair from a local shop called Max and Addy.   She's an Arkansas alumn and had full stock of Razorback gear. Henry in gingham makes me swoon.

 We finished Sunday with Church, lunch, a nap, and playing outside. I started my bible study and watched the kids play.

 God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

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