Thursday, October 13, 2016

Weekly Happenings: Pictures and 2 stories...

 I'll start and end with the stories...

First story of the week:
Henry came home from church this Sunday and we asked him what he learned. He quickly and happily replied, "Mom, God made everything! He made you. He made the trees. He made the sky. He made my ears, my eyes, my hair! But, Mom.... God can't make a penis because a penis is really hard to make..." He put a lot of thought into that. I'm praying that Henry understands that God loves him so much that he not only gave him a penis but a SAVIOR as well.

Chemo week sucks but it does have one perk... Dinners are delivered and church ladies know how to cook! This chicken pot pie was delicious!

I'm writing my first Collin County Moms Blog article and it is on the Intentional Calendar and how I schedule free time for our family. 

Henry and I enjoyed watching Lucy at soccer practice.
  It's hot as HADES in Texas. Yesterday the high was 85. I pretended like it was cooler than it was and dressed for fall.

I found my dress on Thredup and my Toms Booties on eBay. (New with tags, half the price) 

If you missed yesterday's post then you missed how I made the kids clean out the playroom and their rooms! I'm so excited to take this junk to the junk store! 

Speaking of Junk, Lucy might have cleaned her room but she couldn't help but make a mess in the bathroom... Bless her little heart.

Last Story:
Lucy and I were reading in bed the other night. After I finished we were saying her prayers and I was tucking her in for the night. AND THEN SHE REMEMBERED! "Mom, we have science to do tonight!" She ran downstairs to get her notebook and then showed me a list. 
5 Senses
Physical properties of an object

Lucy: See mom, we are supposed to do this.... 

Lucy: I don't know, didn't my teacher tell you....

Me: Lucy, I need you to think really hard! What did your teacher say? Did anyone ask questions?

Lucy: Yes, AJ did! He said, What if we have football practice and can't do this homework? and my teacher said YOU BETTER GET THIS DONE... 


Lucy: I remember. Guys, you better listen. If you don't pay attention, you will get home and tell your parents you have homework and then you won't know what it was you were supposed to do...

Me: AND????

Lucy: That's all I remember....

So, we defined the physical properties of an orange because either she was supposed to do that or she had a test... either way she would be prepared. Turns out she had a test! She said it was super easy! 

That's it.
God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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