Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Gift Guide: Tween Girls

Tween is a new word that describes youths who are roughly ages 8-14, who are “between” childhood and the teenage years. The term “tween” is a blend of the words “between” and “teen.”

Goodness, I have a tween daughter!!

I love a list. I'm hoping you do too. I'm listing what tweens want this holiday season.

Our family does 3 gifts to open on Christmas day, a pair of pajamas to open on Christmas eve, and we have a stocking that Santa does (even though my kids know that Santa is a game... I didn't even try with Henry). Santa's stocking aren't the best gifts but that is where I put undies, new socks, their yearly ornament and a small gift card...

Things to keep in mind- I hate toys... because my kids aren't responsible and don't clean up after themselves. We are keeping the things to a minimum. (And because I am Konmari method-ing the house...

What do Tweens want: 

1. Shoes
Lucy told me that shoes give her a good tickle and make her so happy. She also really wants to wear high heels. This tom's wedge is a good tween choice because of the low heel. Leopard is sassy but there are other options available. Dillards has them on sale. 

2. Tablets
Jonathan heard Lucy say she wanted a tablet and the technology nerd came out and replaced the parent. I'd rather the kids not have a tablet because I want them outside running but limited technology time isn't a bad thing I've been told... 

    tablet    |    case

3. Shopkins

4. Speak out Game

game - speakout

5. Anything Descendants

Book 2: We are reading this now because Lucy can't wait to see what happens next! 
Second Book descendants

This was a must have at the book fair... 


6. Nail Polish
                                                           Press on nails   |   Nail Polish

7. Lip Gloss

                                                      raspberry   |   juicy tube   |   eos

8.soft clothes
I have many friends who sell Lularoe.. we have been gifted with some amazingly soft pants! 

You can't go wrong with Under Armour.

                                                  yoga pants    |    sweatshirt
(moms, you can wear a yxl sweatshirt. It's super comfy too!
 (I usually wear a medium but yxl fits great...It's cheaper) 

Pajamas + Slippers


(sibling sets...)

Boy Elf    |   Girl      

dad  |  mom   |  kid        

Stocking Gifts
gift card
Yearly ornament
colored pencils
dry erase markers

All I wanted as a tween was... 

Happy Holiday Shopping!

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

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