Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Four things

I'd hate for anyone to miss a sale...

1. six flag season passes...

There's a sale right now on season passes! I picked ours up this week and gifted them to the family for a years worth of fun!

2. Matilda Jane Sale
Hope over to www.goodlucktrunk.com to see what MJ has on sale. This is when I stock up on deals for Lucy. She's almost over this but their tween line is just her taste!

3. All the Christmas sales
Target's Christmas is marked 50%.

Walmart 50% off. - I ran to Walmart yesterday to stock up on their toothpaste and soap gift sets and when my associate checked me out it rang up at 75% off!

Hobby Lobby = 66% off of Christmas

All christmas is 70% off including the elf on the shelf toy collection. The original doll and book are under $8.00 and the pet and accessories are under $3.

4. mac Christmas sale

The mac lipstick I raved about is now 40% off!

Christmas Review in the next few days. I'm still enjoying my family today!

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