Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Men

Jonathan helped me come up with a Men's gift guide and I'm excited to share. Everything can be found on Amazon for easy shipping purposes! 

(Jonathan picked this out...) 

(and this..)

Jonathan is always writing notes in a journal- bible notes, computer notes, things to remember... 

Jonathan said this is the ultimate gaming laptop that he is saving his pennies for, I looked at the price and said, "no, but I love you..." 

too bad you can't find these anywhere! They are normally $50... 

These are for nerds... Jonathan links our home alarm system to this raspberry pi and we can monitor our house while we are away. 

This is Jonathan's favorite book he has ever read. It is also his favorite gift to give. If you have ever received one of these and not known the sender- IT was Jonathan! 

It's the gift that keeps giving. 
You will enjoy it too!

This would be the most amazing gift to give someone who doesn't already have prime. We love the free shipping! I order dog food and have it delivered to our house!! You can also subscribe and save on things like paper towels, toilet paper, coffee, paper plates and have it shipped to your door every month or every other month! We also watch free movies, listen to free new music and you can even borrow kindle books from the library. It pays for itself! 

Stocking Stuffers

Yeti- pack of 2 for $36.00
One for Him +One for you

Happy Shopping! 

Affiliate Links were used in this post. If you click on or buy from a link above I may receive a small commission! Thank you for supporting Trust Without Borders. 

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it. 

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