Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Weekend Review!

 Friday morning I received my secret Santa gift. I love to take a bath and have already tried out this set!

 The kids and I left some goodies for the delivery people in our lives. I actually love these guys because they make my life easier! We just taped some Starbucks gift cards to our mat and every time we get a delivery they take one!

 We also left a gift card + ornament for our mail lady. This is the first time I remembered our mail carrier...

 Friday morning, I went to Morgan's house and we divided up all of the gifts that our cookie exchange girls had donated to our two adopted families. We had more fun sorting everything for these mamas.
We've started winter volleyball and the girls are having more fun. Sure, they don't win but they are learning!

 Monday, we all piled up in the car and headed to flower mound to spend the day with Aunt Laura. Sunday, Laura and I traded kids- Henry for Addison and had a spend the night party.

 We took the kids to see Santa at Bass Pro shop and by the time we got to the ticket line, there was a 5-hour wait....   So, instead of Santa, we saw all the stuffed animals! This is the pooping bear... our kids are confused with male genitalia and feces...

My little girl is growing up! She walked around the store with a purse and didn't want to climb on the boats and ATVs with her cousins!

But this guy is still my baby...
On our way out the boys made sure to hug on this longhorn!

 We finished the day with a puzzle! I love a puzzle!

We are enjoying our time sleeping in and spending time with family!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it! 

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