Friday, August 18, 2017

Making Messes + Family

School starts on Monday and if that isn't overwhelming I've taken on a few projects this week. Ready?

Attack of the tree! Our tree has exploded and some of the branches were hitting our roof. I couldn't reach them with my regular pruners + a ladder so I bought a tree pruner and I had too much fun cutting branches...

 See... I could have kept going but my husband might have killed me...


Second Mess

This is our guest room... it's covered with all of my rhea lana items that I have to tag and sell... My system... I pull out all of the things that I have gathered throughout the year out of the guest closet and then shut the door until the last minute...

This weekend we are having cousin camp! My twins are spending the weekend with us while their parents ran to NWA for the weekend! We made pizzas last night and the kids loved helping!

 We also had family movie night and watched Boss Baby.

Today we are finishing up Kindergarten camp, we meet the teachers tonight, I'm finishing up rhea lana and a Costco run with my bff for our kindergarten brunch....

I hope y'all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

End of Summer and a list of posts...

We are wrapping up summer around here! School starts on Monday! I'm ready for our routine and structure. I'm also ready for my kids to quit touching me and hearing "Mom? mom? Mom?" 75,000x a day. I love you kids but get out of my face!

Henry started Kindergarten camp at a local church this week and Lucy and I have been catching up on laundry. We celebrated the end of summer with a cake on Sunday!

Things I'm going back to blog about...

The day my friends and I killed it at the beach with our professional mom game...

Our trip to Colorado. I'm having withdrawals from our little vacay.

 Aunt Emily is in town and she has been having an epic battle with Henry. Those are henry's words, if you know me then you know I hate the word EPIC...

My nephew is now bigger than his mama... and me...

And last, I've been updating some spots and rooms in my house and I can't wait to share the progress... After 5 years I'm trying to pull my house together!

 Slowly I'll make it through the list. Be on the lookout! Also, next week be looking for Back to school pictures! My babies are going into 3rd and Kinder!!!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


I have to share what I learned from Luci Swindoll this weekend at the Women's Summer Escape! I'm hoping they will post her online so you can all fall in love with her and her journaling tips. I'm going to go ahead and share what I learned by please note these are not original to me they came straight from Luci Swindoll.

Reasons to Journal
  • Helps sort through the mental clutter
  • Improves insight and understanding
  • allows us to see how we change over time.
  • We can keep track of our mistakes so we grow and learn from the past.
  • We can see the past, present and anticipate the future.
My favorite reason- It gives me time to talk to myself.

8 Benefits to Journaling
  • You write down your goals which helps you articulate those goals and process your thoughts.
  • It's a permanent record of progress.
  • Writing helps you think through the whys. Why am I doing this? If you know the whys then all the other questions will fall into place.
  • The journal reminds of problems solved in the past.
  • Helps us think beyond the obvious. We become more intentional.
  • helps look forward rather than back.
  • We can see how far we have come and looking backwards would be foolish
  • It provides written accounts that inspires others if we choose to share.
How to Start Journaling
  • Find a process that works for you.
    • I've always used my blog as a journal of sorts. But lately as my children have grown I don't think it is appropriate to share as much information so I've been journaling in a book. I've also been journaling those dark brain cancer moments, the ones where my heart is tired and ugly.
    • I also keep a prayer journal. It helps me stay focused during my prayer time and also so I can go back and see how God has been working.
    • I've even kept detailed calendars that I would jot important dates/events/quotes on that date.
  • Write everyday. (or try to)
  • Write for yourself not others, substance is better than style.
  • Don't be motivated by length.
  • ecognize the need to tell your story. You may keep this private or you may want to share.
This reenergized me and the writing of my/our story. I want my kids and grandkids to see our written account and see how God has led us through the trials of this earth and the way we respond while living in hell. The good, the bad and the ugly.

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekend REview- camp and escape

I love getting a text asking if we want to go swim in an hour! The answer is always yes! Because it is hot in Texas! It's also that time of summer where my kids are tired of each other, tired of me, have teamed up against me and every chance they get they sneak off and on to some electronics...

Here we are at the pool, I hope we can reenact this picture when they are teenagers!
Lucy's birthday present arrived and we had the best time being Forensic Scientist together. This is a wonderful way to open her eyes to different careers and I'm thankful to say she thinks it would be fun to be a scientist instead of a chickFila checkout girl. Which has been her lifelong dream since she was 3.
  I ordered this here, and every month she will receive a kit with different science experiments! Right now they have 15% off special going on!
 We followed the directions and after an hour had broken down a strawberry into goo and then extracted it's DNA!
Saturday, Lucy went with me to the Women's escape. She had camp drop off and I thought it would be easier if she went with me since it was at the church and I would be there anyways.
  Look at all those campers and their leaders! Praying for a fun filled, safe week for these guys and that the hearts of the non-believers would be soft where JC could work his wonder with them and that the believers would come back with a deeper love for their savior.
 I hope Emma Grace and Lucy have so much fun!

 After I dropped Lucy off I high-tailed it back to my women's conference to see Luci Swindoll talk about journaling. Luci might be better than Chuck and her love for him almost had me in tears. She adores her brother and it was the first brother/sister relationship that I've seen that the two were close and adore/respected each other. And since I am close with my sisters and don't have brothers I've always worried about this!

 There was a door prize drawing at the end of the event and I guess who won!? ME! You would have thought I won the price is right, I was so excited! My friend Megan was also a big winner! (I won bundt cakes and she won movie tickets!)

 Molly/mom did all the decorating for the event and even pulled out their bambi trailer for pictures. I'm so proud of my mom and her involvement with the church.
 That was our weekend! We are enjoying our last few weeks of summer before school starts!

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Some Sales that you should know about.

I found a few bargains that I wanted to share with you all!

{one} North face Jacket $44

Today through the 31 of July you can order a North Face Jacket from Proozy for $44 with free shipping with the code NF45 at checkout.

{two} Lipstick
Tomorrow you can get a free full size tube of lipstick at the mac counter. I'd look online for specifics but with no purchase this is awesome!

{three} #nsale for less

Have y'all seen all the hoopla over the Nordstrom sale? Well, I checked it out and couldn't get into 30% off. But I was watching an instastory of a friend and she was raving about the Spanx Faux leather leggings... So I logged on and saw that they were $60... So I logged off... and two days later I was still thinking about these leggings... So I ordered them. I spent $70 on leggings. If you know me then you know how crazy this is but I had some birthday money and I really wanted them...

Now, Here's where it gets good. Two days ago I was casually scrolling through thredup and guess what I found in Excellent Condition and in my size? You guessed it The Spanx leggings and the best part they were $8.00! You bet I ordered them! They will come in around the same time as my Nordstrom and after a quick comparison I will send back the Nordstrom leggings.

Another Love that I was eyeing at the #nsale was the Barefoot dreams cardigan. I have one in black and have worn it everyday for two years. It's still perfect but I noticed they were marked down to $60... Well while I was on thredup I found one in my size for $20... NEW!

If you sign up through my link you can get a $10 off your first order on thredup and on your first order you get 40% off. Can't beat that! Happy thrifting, Friends!

Have an awesome weekend!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Weekend Review- Birthdays Galore

Last week was my birthday and to celebrate my friends took me out to lunch. Since all of our kids were in camp together it was convenient to slip away together. We enjoyed coffee and then hit the road to a local tea room.

 At the tea room I pulled out a bag of accessories for fun. Julie chose the fur for her Ladies who Lunch costume.

 Ellis didn't need a costume, she wore her bonnet, smocked dress and pearls. She knows how to lunch.

Aren't my friends beautiful!

 We ate pretzel salad and pimento cheese sandwiches! I can't wait to take Lucy to this little jewel of a teahouse.

My family knows me well! For my birthday they gifted me a giant peace lily and a bird of paradise plant. I adore plants...

 I thought I wanted a fiddle fig leaf tree but I can't baby sit a plant and their finicky life style wouldn't do, the bird of paradise is very hardy!
My family treated me to lunch and dinner and Jonathan did bath and bedtime which is the greatest gift ever!

 Henry also learned to shave...

 Friday was a day that Lucy had been waiting on for at least 6 months.  July 21 the new Descendants 2 movie played on the TV. Lucy planned a viewing party! They all enjoyed it and we enjoyed playing with our friends while the kids watched.

So how do adults play? We did my birthday puzzle that Julie gifted me! (Julie is a puzzle master...)

 I'm embarrassed to say this but on Saturday my mom stopped by and we sat to do this puzzle and 4 hours later we got this far...

 Sunday, July 23, we celebrated Lucy's 9th Birthday! Time sure does fly when your having fun (or raising babies!). Henry woke up throwing up so we didn't go to church... (Thankfully he had a 5 hour bug...) Lucy wanted to eat subway for lunch.
   She also wanted either a poodle cake or a poop emoji cake...

 We planned to see Despicable me for Lucy's birthday but since Henry was sick we waited and did that on Monday. We went to the 9:30 showing and then enjoyed an afternoon together.

 My kids were wild yesterday. I finally made them shower and put on their pj's. After they were dressed I announced they could sit and color, sit and read, or just sit! Henry didn't want to do any of those things so he pouted on the chair... 5 minutes later he was asleep for the night! I love a 5:30 bedtime...
In case you were wondering, I finished my puzzle yesterday too!

And that was our weekend of Birthdays! We have a relaxing week of no activities planned for this week!

Enjoy your week!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Turks and Caicos- Relaxing

Again, Turks and Caicos is truly a vacation. I was trying to blog by day but I can't remember the days while sorting through pictures, 1. we didn't do anything but relax.... 2. We are always in swimsuits and I can't differentiate the days.

We did a lot of relaxing.
 A lot of swimming.



 The Boys had watched the other kids kayak all day and finally they had it. They jumped in the boat and said away.


That was a lot of pictures! But I don't want to forget anything from our trip!