Tuesday, January 31, 2017


What would you say if God came down from heaven and was in your room right now? 

"God, Take me with you. I want to go to heaven right now! Take me with you! Please!"
-Lucy, age 8.5

"Mom, I love chemo week because 1. People bring us food. 2. Since Daddy is sick I get to go to Aunt Laura's house and play with Emma Grace!" 

 Lucy tells detailed stories of events that have happened during the day. Sometimes she gets a little carried away with some of the ''facts''. I always say, "Lucy is that true." "No, mom. That was a lie, that was not true at all.", she says with a laugh and a smile.
She's sweet, encouraging and FUNNY. You never know what this child might say. She's also very honest...

Mom, I hate to ask you this... But, DO YOU HAVE A MUSTACHE?
-Thanks, babe. Mama's gonna bleach that...

 God used Lucy as a tool to grow me in every way imaginable. I see HIM through the miracle that she is,  I love being this girl's mama.

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekend Review + Weekly Planning

Happy Monday! 

We had a slow. relaxing weekend. Do nothing weekends are my favorite! They drive my kids crazy because they want all the people and entertainment all the time! 

Thursday night Preston spent the night with us because he didn't have school on Friday. This was a special treat for Henry because Preston is his favorite person. They play very well together but the only problem with these two- THE POTTY WORDS! I heard Booty Crack a lot and unfortunately, Henry taught it to Preston. (A girl in Hen's class taught Henry...) 

 Friday, Henry went to school and I spent the afternoon with my sisters catching up and watching the twins. We might have eaten Chuy's.

Henry was exhausted after school. A napping baby is my favorite.

Saturday, we picked up the house, I cooked beans and rice and we had a volleyball game. The Spiker Chicks won their 2nd game of the season! These girls have come a long way! They are starting to work as a team, and encourage each other, which makes me the happiest.
I promised Henry that if he would cheer for his sister's team and they won that I would buy them dip and dots. And so we celebrated our victory with rainbow and cookies and cream!

Jonathan looks sad in this pic and it's probably because he was regretting not getting any dip and dots....

Sunday, we went to church, relaxed and prepared for the new week with homework sheets and meal planning!

||Weekly Plan||

||To Eat||

Left Over Beans and Rice
Our meals are being delivered this week from our church's care team and we are thankful for these generous people. We have meals and leftovers until Sunday. 

My kids are into taking their lunch to school, I'm trying to come up with filling meals. Also, Yesterday I didn't think I would ever fill Lucy up, She is going through a major growth spurt. How do I know? When my kids grow, they constantly eat for about a week and then one morning their pants are 3" too short! 

I searched Pinterest for filling meals and snacks and plan to stock up for the week. 

Romaine salad with all the toppings + turkey. 
Sandwich wraps
Bean burrito wrap- Henry's request
chicken salad with grapes and apples

Snacks and sides
Blueberry muffins
Ant on a Log
Orange slices
Saltines/peanut butter
Veggies + ranch
Pretzels + hummus
Boiled eggs
Peanut butter apples
Cottage cheese with apples or bananas

Oatmeal + apples or bananas
Blueberry muffins
Hardboiled eggs or Eggs in general
Cinnamon Toast

What filling foods do you feed your kids? 

||To Do||

Chemo Week- Jonathan
Volleyball + soccer practice- Lucy
Soccer Practice- Henry (He's so excited!) 
Financial Planner meeting- Mary (Remember, it's the year of investing!) 
Lunch date - Friday (mary)

||To Study||

Learning the names of God
This week is Jehovah Nissi.
Meaning- Lord my banner, Lord my Miracle. 
God reveals himself increasingly to us every day. And like a Banner, when God is high at the forefront of our life, like a raised banner, He gives us an increased feeling of hope and a focal point. 
Note to self: Keep your eyes on Jesus. 

Bible Study- Romans 8:1-39
Lesson three- Life in the Spirit

||Prayer Request||

Round #19 of chemo starts tonight. We haven't had an easy round yet so I am not expecting but God can lessen some of the side effects- nausea, fatigue. 

I'm praying for my Fruit of the spirit- Kindness, goodness and self-control. This week I am focusing on using my words as a blessing to others.... What if everything out of my mouth was a blessing... instead of a sassy remark, sarcasm, or quick wit (or slow wit, whatevs...)

*God has been at work through this. Instead, of helping me avoid situations to be sassy, He has thrown me into situations where I have had to just keep my mouth shut and pray for the words, facial expressions, and grace. He never does anything the way I would do it...

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

What does your week look like? 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Favorites

I joined the Tuesday Show and Tell and shared some of my saving tips. This got me thinking... I need to learn to coupon. Now this could lead to having a bunch of stuff I don't need and we have to eat tic-tac's because mama stocked up and only paid .05cents, so, I decided I'd have to have some ground rules.
1. I'm going to learn to coupon- toilet paper, paper towels, razors, shampoo, detergent...

I've been reading up on the internet how to do this and there are a lot of great sites that walk you through steps Money Saving Mom, Passion for savings, and Hip to Save are just a few.

Note about me:: I tend to be all in or all out. It's called an addictive personality- I'm careful about my vices- couponing sounds like a safe one.

:: two::
Walmart toys are on clearance. I stocked up on star wars costumes originally $20 marked down to $3 and descendant dolls for Lucy's birthday set of 4 dolls = $15.

This set was marked to $7. 

Another saving tip is to have a stocked gift closet. I spend more if I have to rush to the store and buy something.


This guy got a haircut!That face cracks me up!


My sisters and I were chatting and drinking coffee when we made the discovery that the last thing we think about when our heads hit the pillow is how excited we are to wake up and drink coffee. Anyone Else?

My friends have started a whole30 challenge and they are posting their meals on Instagram. Their page looks so delicious! It makes me want to cook and eat! You can follow along Here.

That's it. Those are my weekly favorites. 
What are you loving this week? 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Weekly Happenings

  A look at our week through phone pictures!

Monday we had volleyball practice. While Lucy was doing volleyball, I worked on Bible Study and timed Henry's running.

I would start counting and by the time he got back I would say a random number and he would be satisfied with his time. 

 He was worn out and ready for bed by the time we got home!

  Tuesday night, Henry and I played on the playground while Lucy had soccer practice! Spring Soccer has now begun. Henry's practice starts next week and he is super excited about playing!

This is the face I got when I said I wouldn't push him on the swing. Of course, I caved...

Lucy doing what she does best- running.
 And just an FYI- ALDI's take and bake pizza is delicious! It's only $4.99 and rivals the size of a Costco. They even have some gourmet toppings!

Speaking of Pizza, last night I baked a pizza. After the kids and I had finished eating I closed the box and left half a pizza on the island for Jonathan. When he got home, I yelled down to him that dinner was on the counter. I've been known to forget things, or misplace things so I wasn't surprised when Jonathan showed up during Story time and asked, "Where did you say my dinner was?" On the counter... "There's no pizza on the counter, just a box..."

Apparently, Wesley approves of aldi pizza too! He ate half a pizza!

Before bed, I looked up Poodle Rescue... Thankfully mercies are new in the morning and I decided that I do love Wesley, He just needs to go to obedient school!

That's it. THat's our week.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jesus as Master


Don't you know that when you offer yourselves to someone as obedient slaves, you are slaves of the one you obey--whether you are slaves to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience, which leads to righteousness?- Romans 6:16. 

Our first lesson for bible study was on Romans 6:1-23- Dead to sin, alive to God. 

We talked intensely about what it means to be a slave. And what I've chewed on for the past week was how you are a SLAVE TO THE ONE YOU OBEY...

What does that look like? What do I obey? What example am I giving my kids? 

Lucy came home from school the other day and was telling me a story. One of the kids that she was narrating said something very sassy with the ending of OK? and Seriously, Lucy? That struck a chord deep inside my soul and I knew I needed to work on my Fruit of the Spirit. I am my daughter's biggest example. I am her role model. She will reflect me. That sassy girl's responses are learned. 

I am a slave to the one I obey... Jesus is my master. 

As my daughter looks up to me, I will be looking up to God. The bible shows us all of Jesus' human qualities, he wasn't giving sassy remarks to the disciples (Really, Peter? You did that... Seriously? ), he wasn't beating up sinners with his words. He was loving, He was patient, He was kind, he was self-controlled, He was good, and He was gentle. He did flip a table but that was to make a point... 

I am slowly learning the different names of God. I am chewing on God's character. I am applying them to my life. I am fighting my natural sin nature to give sassy, sarcastic remarks. I am remembering that Lucy (and Henry) are looking up to me, obeying me, learning from the way I handle myself in situations, how I talk to others, and most importantly WHAT I AM A SLAVE TO. 

I can talk the Jesus talk all day, but if my daily life doesn't reflect it MY KIDS WILL INSTANTLY PICK UP ON THAT.  If I don't put God at the top of my priority list I can't expect my kids to do the same. I want my kids not only to know, love and obey God but to wholeheartedly know, love and obey him. It's not something we just do but rather it's who we are. 

What are you a slave to? 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it.

Speaking of God being bigger- Jonathan had another stable scan yesterday. Our oncologist is very pleased and Jonathan is very pleased that there are only 6 more chemos. Thank you for your continued prayer! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Save Vs. Splurge

First- Jonathan has an MRI this morning. Please pray that the spot that we are watching has no growth, has continued to shrink and (boldly pray) clear scan. I keep praying for the "Why are you here?, You had brain cancer? Looks good to me" response... If it seems like we ask for prayer for MRIs a lot it's because we have a lot of MRIs...

Now, I am linking up to share with you what I save on and what I splurge on.

Jonathan and I have always been a one income family. We were married and 3 months later we were pregnant with Lucy (we are good at a few things...), I was also finishing a class at the University of Arkansas. After I finished school, we had Lucy. She was extremely colicky. It was also 2008 and the economy wasn't the best and an architecture internship was hard to find. I begged Jonathan to let me stay home with my colicky baby because she was really the kid that only a mother could love. One of my selling points to Jonathan was that I could live without all the stuff, I just wanted to raise our babies. 9.5 years later and I've become a pro at stretching a dollar.

With that said, this is how I save.


1. Grocery shopping- we are paid twice a month. I plan a menu for the month divided into two and only go into the store once every pay period. (I may  have to run in to get fresh fruit, bread, or milk) I know from experience that every time I go toWalmart I'll spend $100. So, the less I'm in, the less I spend. I shop at Aldi for most everything. Walmart for toilet paper. Costco for fresh fruit, bulk lunch items.

2. Second Hand- 90% of our clothes are secondhand. I love secondhand shopping!

Thrift stores- people get rid of the best stuff!

Most of my kids clothes come from Rhea Lana. Most of everything I find is new with tags on it! I love to buy Lucy's boutique clothes from here because 1. they are new 2. they are a fraction of the price! 

If you are been here before than you know that I am addicted to Thredup.  It's online consignment, your first order you get 40% off and Click here for an extra $10 off.  

 Furniture- I furnished my house at Frisco Resale!

I took these pictures yesterday when I ran into the FR.

outdoor chairs- $49 each. Green rocker $69

 buffet $100, rocker $50

Arm chairs $69 each. 

We don't have cable and I cut my boy's hair.

So what do I splurge on...


I buy real makeup. Merle Norman, Lancome, and MAC. 
- I buy good lipstick... I've tried drug store and it breaks out my lips and doesn't stay on. 

-Invest in skincare. 

- shoes
I've tried to buy cheap shoes and your feet will hurt. Invest in your feet! It's not worth it to try to skimp here! 

Where do you save and splurge? 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Review and Weekly planning

Thursday afternoon I picked Lucy up early from school for an appointment at the Dermatologist. She had a small procedure on her foot that left her quite a bit of pain, so much so that she stayed home from school on Friday. 

We took Henry to school and enjoyed a day at home together. She played some educational games on the computer while I worked on my computer work. 

I was so glad that she was home to watch the inauguration, we talked about the importance of praying for our leaders, government, and country.

Friday night we brought Dinner to our best buds. Hayes has done remarkably well for just having throat surgery. He was ready for a dance party and my kids were up to the challenge!

 Saturday, Lucy had a birthday party. While she was partying I ran to target to grab a few items that I needed. I found the cutest Valentine plates, napkins and bags! I'm in charge of the Valentine party for Henry's class so I've been slowly preparing!

Lucy and the Birthday girl.

Sunday after church the kids had some downtime and Jonathan and I took a nap. That is one of the great things about having older kids, we just say, "Kids, don't answer the door. I'm taking a nap." And they can entertain themselves!

 My kids actually really like and love each other. They are inseparable. They are each other's favorites (and least favorites, there's still a lot of fighting).

This morning I was making my smoothie. I had Costco size ingredients and didn't want them to go bad so I quickly made up my smoothie packs. In 25 minutes I had 14 bags of smoothies ready for the freezer! Now I just have to add lime, water, and ice and I'll be ready for a healthy breakfast!

||Weekly Plan||

To Eat-

Pizza (x2), salad, and fruit
steak, potatoes and green beans (x2)
Beans & Wild Rice, with Sausage (x2)
Breakfast for Dinner
(we eat a lot of leftovers)

crackers, cheese, salami + fruit+ cheezits (homemade Lunchable)
Peanut butter sandwich
Turkey rollup with cheese
Leftover steak

Bagels + Cream cheese

To Do-

Dentist Appointment- mary
MRI- Jonathan
Volleyball + soccer practice- Lucy
Lunch date - Friday (mary)

To Study-

During my morning prayer time, the first column I pray for is God- I thank him for a certain attribute that day. After doing this a while I wasn't coming up with a lot of different attributes. I have been focusing on a word a day that I look up. The more I know about God and who he is the more I can reflect him. More on this later. 
This week it is Adonai- Lord, Master. 

Bible Study- Romans 7:1-25 
Lesson two- Released from the Law

Prayer Request-

Jonathan has an MRI on Tuesday @ 8:00 am. Please be with us in prayer 1. no growth. 2. shrinking of the spot. 3. clear scan (I always pray for this- Why are you here? Your brain looks perfect...) 4. Dallas traffic... 

Round #19 of chemo starts next week. We haven't had an easy round yet so I am not expecting but God can lessen some of the side effects- nausau, fatigue. 

I'm praying for my Fruit of the spirit- Kindness, goodness and self-control. This week I am focusing on using my words as a blessing to others.... What if everything out of my mouth was a blessing... instead of a sassy remark, sarcasm, or quick wit (or slow wit, whatevs...) 

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

What does your week look like? 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

{one} Saving
Remember my savings goal for the year? I found the best way to save money is not to shop. Genius, I know. Since I haven't been shopping I have been falling in love with all the things that I already have, wearing the clothes that are in my closet and entertaining myself with puzzles, organizing and meal planning. I am falling back in love with Cooking and my family is eating up all that I am serving! Henry ate 3 plates of beans and rice the other night and two heaping servings of Roast! (He might be going through a growth spurt, though... 

{two} Shopping my Closet
Remember my thredup addiction? Well, I had to quit looking at the app because every time I would I would find amazing deals and there was always a coupon! (Frist time shoppers get 40% off their entire order and  Here's a $10 off coupon

That Northface Jacket was $9.00, it was mislabeled as Northcrest. 

So instead of shopping on thredup, I am just shopping my closet and wearing all the things I already have and I'm having the best time finding oldies but goodies that are hidden. It's a big lesson on contentment. 

{three} The Cleanse
I shared the other day about the cleanse I did and lost 3 pounds (now 4). It was a great way to reset my body and sugar cravings after the holidays. 

{four} Baby soft Feet
My friend Marci told me about this foot peel that she tried and loved. It gave her baby soft feet. I told Jonathan about it and he agreed I needed baby soft feet and stuffed my christmas stocking with this foot peel. 

{five} Wesley's Hair
Before Wesley, we had 2 dobermans. A Doberman is a low maintenance dog but they shed like beasts. I haven't found a single Wesley hair in my house and that makes me love him even more! But he does have to be groomed and when he is groomed He comes out looking a little ridiculous... But look at that face! I asked the groomer to do a pom on his tail and it's super cute! Going from a Doberman to a poodle has been a big change! 

That's it. 
God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Weekly Happenings- Waiting Room, Bible Study and Smoothies.

 The kids were out of school on Monday and we had a fun day at home. Jonathan was also off of work and we spent the day eating, movie watching and cleaning grout. If that isn't fun, I don't know what is...

Tuesday, Julie picked me up at 6:40 and we headed to Dallas. Our Bff's son was having surgery on his throat to close a hole from his cleft lip/cleft palette, this is his third reconstruction surgery. He might be the toughest kid I know.

Speaking of the toughest kid, one time Henry and Hayes were having a playdate at our house. The boys were upstairs playing. It got quiet and then they came down holding a cabinet door from Henry's armoire. Somehow they were jumping from the bed to their pillow fort and they broke a door off. It was easily fixed. Later that night Pam sent me a text of Hayes' head and it had a giant gash on it- Sorry, he didn't complain or cry... I'm not a very good babysitter...

Julie and I sat with our friends for the two-hour surgery and offered inappropriate stories and distractions.
We love this mama bear.

We especially love this guy. 
(Pam, I didn't ask permission to post these. I just did. I'm sorry. Brain Cancer- can't be mad) 

Wednesday, we were missing our awesome leader so we sent a group picture. (Pam is our leader.)
I'm still loving the smoothies from my cleanse. (I blogged about the cleanse on Tuesday.) I'm still doing a smoothie in the morning and a lot of green tea and water. I'm not being as restrictive as cleanse week but am watching what I am eating and trying to eat as much real food as possible. Shouldn't be that hard- if it's not in a box its real... (I'm down another pound, too) 

 That's it. That is our week so far. Add in laundry and homework and you know as much as I do!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it.