Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Favorites!

{one} Lilly Pulitzer Sale

I have a New Years goal of saving money, I find the best way to save money is not to go shopping... I haven't broken the internet browsing yet but I did find some good deals to share!

{two} School Routine

I'm so thankful we are back to school this week. My kids thrive on a routine! (and so do I) Bible Study starts back next week and that is truly a favorite! 

{three} After Christmas Sales

Pottery Barn has stockings for under $10.

set 1   |    set 2

Target's sale is 90% off.
Hobby Lobby 90% off. 

{four} New Planner

I'm loving my new Emily Ley planner! I'm so organized this year, I know, it's only day 7... So far, so good... My husband would love if I would go digital but I have to write things down... The pages are so thick that I can use all my favorite pens without it bleeding through. I bought a cheaper planner that was a knock off simplified planner and I couldn't read anything because the pages were so thin....

{five} A Story

I'm going to tell you a story...

I went to target the other day to look at the 90% off Christmas. I didn't need anything but I found 2 Santa hats and some ornament hooks. My total was .76 cents. I went to pay and I had no cash and no change... So, I whipped out my target red card and got an additional 5% off... Yes, I swiped my debit card for .71 cents... I'm going to put that extra .5 cents in savings...

I'd love to hear some saving tips from you or budgeting tips or the least amount of money you have ever swiped on your debit card.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

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