Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

{one} Saving
Remember my savings goal for the year? I found the best way to save money is not to shop. Genius, I know. Since I haven't been shopping I have been falling in love with all the things that I already have, wearing the clothes that are in my closet and entertaining myself with puzzles, organizing and meal planning. I am falling back in love with Cooking and my family is eating up all that I am serving! Henry ate 3 plates of beans and rice the other night and two heaping servings of Roast! (He might be going through a growth spurt, though... 

{two} Shopping my Closet
Remember my thredup addiction? Well, I had to quit looking at the app because every time I would I would find amazing deals and there was always a coupon! (Frist time shoppers get 40% off their entire order and  Here's a $10 off coupon

That Northface Jacket was $9.00, it was mislabeled as Northcrest. 

So instead of shopping on thredup, I am just shopping my closet and wearing all the things I already have and I'm having the best time finding oldies but goodies that are hidden. It's a big lesson on contentment. 

{three} The Cleanse
I shared the other day about the cleanse I did and lost 3 pounds (now 4). It was a great way to reset my body and sugar cravings after the holidays. 

{four} Baby soft Feet
My friend Marci told me about this foot peel that she tried and loved. It gave her baby soft feet. I told Jonathan about it and he agreed I needed baby soft feet and stuffed my christmas stocking with this foot peel. 

{five} Wesley's Hair
Before Wesley, we had 2 dobermans. A Doberman is a low maintenance dog but they shed like beasts. I haven't found a single Wesley hair in my house and that makes me love him even more! But he does have to be groomed and when he is groomed He comes out looking a little ridiculous... But look at that face! I asked the groomer to do a pom on his tail and it's super cute! Going from a Doberman to a poodle has been a big change! 

That's it. 
God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

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