Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Save Vs. Splurge

First- Jonathan has an MRI this morning. Please pray that the spot that we are watching has no growth, has continued to shrink and (boldly pray) clear scan. I keep praying for the "Why are you here?, You had brain cancer? Looks good to me" response... If it seems like we ask for prayer for MRIs a lot it's because we have a lot of MRIs...

Now, I am linking up to share with you what I save on and what I splurge on.

Jonathan and I have always been a one income family. We were married and 3 months later we were pregnant with Lucy (we are good at a few things...), I was also finishing a class at the University of Arkansas. After I finished school, we had Lucy. She was extremely colicky. It was also 2008 and the economy wasn't the best and an architecture internship was hard to find. I begged Jonathan to let me stay home with my colicky baby because she was really the kid that only a mother could love. One of my selling points to Jonathan was that I could live without all the stuff, I just wanted to raise our babies. 9.5 years later and I've become a pro at stretching a dollar.

With that said, this is how I save.


1. Grocery shopping- we are paid twice a month. I plan a menu for the month divided into two and only go into the store once every pay period. (I may  have to run in to get fresh fruit, bread, or milk) I know from experience that every time I go toWalmart I'll spend $100. So, the less I'm in, the less I spend. I shop at Aldi for most everything. Walmart for toilet paper. Costco for fresh fruit, bulk lunch items.

2. Second Hand- 90% of our clothes are secondhand. I love secondhand shopping!

Thrift stores- people get rid of the best stuff!

Most of my kids clothes come from Rhea Lana. Most of everything I find is new with tags on it! I love to buy Lucy's boutique clothes from here because 1. they are new 2. they are a fraction of the price! 

If you are been here before than you know that I am addicted to Thredup.  It's online consignment, your first order you get 40% off and Click here for an extra $10 off.  

 Furniture- I furnished my house at Frisco Resale!

I took these pictures yesterday when I ran into the FR.

outdoor chairs- $49 each. Green rocker $69

 buffet $100, rocker $50

Arm chairs $69 each. 

We don't have cable and I cut my boy's hair.

So what do I splurge on...


I buy real makeup. Merle Norman, Lancome, and MAC. 
- I buy good lipstick... I've tried drug store and it breaks out my lips and doesn't stay on. 

-Invest in skincare. 

- shoes
I've tried to buy cheap shoes and your feet will hurt. Invest in your feet! It's not worth it to try to skimp here! 

Where do you save and splurge? 

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix-it. 

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