Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Review and Weekly planning

Thursday afternoon I picked Lucy up early from school for an appointment at the Dermatologist. She had a small procedure on her foot that left her quite a bit of pain, so much so that she stayed home from school on Friday. 

We took Henry to school and enjoyed a day at home together. She played some educational games on the computer while I worked on my computer work. 

I was so glad that she was home to watch the inauguration, we talked about the importance of praying for our leaders, government, and country.

Friday night we brought Dinner to our best buds. Hayes has done remarkably well for just having throat surgery. He was ready for a dance party and my kids were up to the challenge!

 Saturday, Lucy had a birthday party. While she was partying I ran to target to grab a few items that I needed. I found the cutest Valentine plates, napkins and bags! I'm in charge of the Valentine party for Henry's class so I've been slowly preparing!

Lucy and the Birthday girl.

Sunday after church the kids had some downtime and Jonathan and I took a nap. That is one of the great things about having older kids, we just say, "Kids, don't answer the door. I'm taking a nap." And they can entertain themselves!

 My kids actually really like and love each other. They are inseparable. They are each other's favorites (and least favorites, there's still a lot of fighting).

This morning I was making my smoothie. I had Costco size ingredients and didn't want them to go bad so I quickly made up my smoothie packs. In 25 minutes I had 14 bags of smoothies ready for the freezer! Now I just have to add lime, water, and ice and I'll be ready for a healthy breakfast!

||Weekly Plan||

To Eat-

Pizza (x2), salad, and fruit
steak, potatoes and green beans (x2)
Beans & Wild Rice, with Sausage (x2)
Breakfast for Dinner
(we eat a lot of leftovers)

crackers, cheese, salami + fruit+ cheezits (homemade Lunchable)
Peanut butter sandwich
Turkey rollup with cheese
Leftover steak

Bagels + Cream cheese

To Do-

Dentist Appointment- mary
MRI- Jonathan
Volleyball + soccer practice- Lucy
Lunch date - Friday (mary)

To Study-

During my morning prayer time, the first column I pray for is God- I thank him for a certain attribute that day. After doing this a while I wasn't coming up with a lot of different attributes. I have been focusing on a word a day that I look up. The more I know about God and who he is the more I can reflect him. More on this later. 
This week it is Adonai- Lord, Master. 

Bible Study- Romans 7:1-25 
Lesson two- Released from the Law

Prayer Request-

Jonathan has an MRI on Tuesday @ 8:00 am. Please be with us in prayer 1. no growth. 2. shrinking of the spot. 3. clear scan (I always pray for this- Why are you here? Your brain looks perfect...) 4. Dallas traffic... 

Round #19 of chemo starts next week. We haven't had an easy round yet so I am not expecting but God can lessen some of the side effects- nausau, fatigue. 

I'm praying for my Fruit of the spirit- Kindness, goodness and self-control. This week I am focusing on using my words as a blessing to others.... What if everything out of my mouth was a blessing... instead of a sassy remark, sarcasm, or quick wit (or slow wit, whatevs...) 

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

What does your week look like? 

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