Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekend Review + Weekly Planning

Happy Monday! 

We had a slow. relaxing weekend. Do nothing weekends are my favorite! They drive my kids crazy because they want all the people and entertainment all the time! 

Thursday night Preston spent the night with us because he didn't have school on Friday. This was a special treat for Henry because Preston is his favorite person. They play very well together but the only problem with these two- THE POTTY WORDS! I heard Booty Crack a lot and unfortunately, Henry taught it to Preston. (A girl in Hen's class taught Henry...) 

 Friday, Henry went to school and I spent the afternoon with my sisters catching up and watching the twins. We might have eaten Chuy's.

Henry was exhausted after school. A napping baby is my favorite.

Saturday, we picked up the house, I cooked beans and rice and we had a volleyball game. The Spiker Chicks won their 2nd game of the season! These girls have come a long way! They are starting to work as a team, and encourage each other, which makes me the happiest.
I promised Henry that if he would cheer for his sister's team and they won that I would buy them dip and dots. And so we celebrated our victory with rainbow and cookies and cream!

Jonathan looks sad in this pic and it's probably because he was regretting not getting any dip and dots....

Sunday, we went to church, relaxed and prepared for the new week with homework sheets and meal planning!

||Weekly Plan||

||To Eat||

Left Over Beans and Rice
Our meals are being delivered this week from our church's care team and we are thankful for these generous people. We have meals and leftovers until Sunday. 

My kids are into taking their lunch to school, I'm trying to come up with filling meals. Also, Yesterday I didn't think I would ever fill Lucy up, She is going through a major growth spurt. How do I know? When my kids grow, they constantly eat for about a week and then one morning their pants are 3" too short! 

I searched Pinterest for filling meals and snacks and plan to stock up for the week. 

Romaine salad with all the toppings + turkey. 
Sandwich wraps
Bean burrito wrap- Henry's request
chicken salad with grapes and apples

Snacks and sides
Blueberry muffins
Ant on a Log
Orange slices
Saltines/peanut butter
Veggies + ranch
Pretzels + hummus
Boiled eggs
Peanut butter apples
Cottage cheese with apples or bananas

Oatmeal + apples or bananas
Blueberry muffins
Hardboiled eggs or Eggs in general
Cinnamon Toast

What filling foods do you feed your kids? 

||To Do||

Chemo Week- Jonathan
Volleyball + soccer practice- Lucy
Soccer Practice- Henry (He's so excited!) 
Financial Planner meeting- Mary (Remember, it's the year of investing!) 
Lunch date - Friday (mary)

||To Study||

Learning the names of God
This week is Jehovah Nissi.
Meaning- Lord my banner, Lord my Miracle. 
God reveals himself increasingly to us every day. And like a Banner, when God is high at the forefront of our life, like a raised banner, He gives us an increased feeling of hope and a focal point. 
Note to self: Keep your eyes on Jesus. 

Bible Study- Romans 8:1-39
Lesson three- Life in the Spirit

||Prayer Request||

Round #19 of chemo starts tonight. We haven't had an easy round yet so I am not expecting but God can lessen some of the side effects- nausea, fatigue. 

I'm praying for my Fruit of the spirit- Kindness, goodness and self-control. This week I am focusing on using my words as a blessing to others.... What if everything out of my mouth was a blessing... instead of a sassy remark, sarcasm, or quick wit (or slow wit, whatevs...)

*God has been at work through this. Instead, of helping me avoid situations to be sassy, He has thrown me into situations where I have had to just keep my mouth shut and pray for the words, facial expressions, and grace. He never does anything the way I would do it...

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it. 

What does your week look like? 

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