Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Review

It was a big weekend for our family! Jonathan finished round #18 of chemo. That's a year and a half of chemo, He has 6 more rounds! It wasn't an easy or pretty finish but that round is over!

Friday we woke to 24-degree weather. My Texas skin can't take that, give me 110 days all summer long but please don't make me go out in the cold! Mama can't do that!

We bundled up for school!

I forgot to take a picture but Friday Laura and I got together. We both have the same savings goal this year so we decided instead of meeting for coffee or running into different stores we would just sit at my house and work on a puzzle and drink a pot of coffee... We figured we saved at least $100 by doing that... We met mama for lunch and had the best time, sister Emily had a meeting and couldn't join us but was missed!

Friday night, the family gathered for a little Volleyball game.
 I had to take a picture since my Dad, sister and I were all decked out in our plaid.

Our little Volleyball team played their little hearts out and WON!

 I'm proud that they have started to really encourage each other, after every serve they would all run up and high five!

Lucy spent the night with Manna on Friday night and Laura had Henry for the weekend. Laura kept both the kids on Saturday night. On chemo weekends we like to have the kids out of the house so they don't see their daddy sick. Jonathan was able to relax, rest and recover in a quiet house.

Wesley was able to catch up on some sleep too.

Last night my mom came over and helped me do bath, dinner, and bed with the kids. We each put Lucy to bed once and then I found her in bed with her daddy talking about programming things. I think she just needed some Daddy time. Those two are close.

That was our weekend.

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

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