Thursday, January 19, 2017

Weekly Happenings- Waiting Room, Bible Study and Smoothies.

 The kids were out of school on Monday and we had a fun day at home. Jonathan was also off of work and we spent the day eating, movie watching and cleaning grout. If that isn't fun, I don't know what is...

Tuesday, Julie picked me up at 6:40 and we headed to Dallas. Our Bff's son was having surgery on his throat to close a hole from his cleft lip/cleft palette, this is his third reconstruction surgery. He might be the toughest kid I know.

Speaking of the toughest kid, one time Henry and Hayes were having a playdate at our house. The boys were upstairs playing. It got quiet and then they came down holding a cabinet door from Henry's armoire. Somehow they were jumping from the bed to their pillow fort and they broke a door off. It was easily fixed. Later that night Pam sent me a text of Hayes' head and it had a giant gash on it- Sorry, he didn't complain or cry... I'm not a very good babysitter...

Julie and I sat with our friends for the two-hour surgery and offered inappropriate stories and distractions.
We love this mama bear.

We especially love this guy. 
(Pam, I didn't ask permission to post these. I just did. I'm sorry. Brain Cancer- can't be mad) 

Wednesday, we were missing our awesome leader so we sent a group picture. (Pam is our leader.)
I'm still loving the smoothies from my cleanse. (I blogged about the cleanse on Tuesday.) I'm still doing a smoothie in the morning and a lot of green tea and water. I'm not being as restrictive as cleanse week but am watching what I am eating and trying to eat as much real food as possible. Shouldn't be that hard- if it's not in a box its real... (I'm down another pound, too) 

 That's it. That is our week so far. Add in laundry and homework and you know as much as I do!

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

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