Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Baby Be Mine 2017

 Every year we celebrate the season of love with our Adult Fellowship class and their kids at the Baby Be Mine party. It's the season of love and we love to love.

Henry told me yesterday that I was his Valentine!

 Be Still My Heart!
 If these two are the only thing I ever accomplish in my life then that would be OK!

 Hayes-E-Bear and Hen-Hen!

 Lucy and Mabry.

The Dab Kids.

The Photo Booth.

Pin the Heart on the Cross.

 Story Time with Mrs. Howard.

 Dance Party.

Lucy thought the Dance Party was juvenile so of course, I danced to embarrass her.

Hey Lucy, Remember when you were a colicky baby and you cried all the time? And needed to be held all the time? And nursed 57 times a day? It's Payback time! I'll be dancing and wearing lipstick on my teeth for the rest of my life! Love, Mom.  (I'm just joking, I know she couldn't help that she was a terrible baby...)

Years past.

Mabry and Lucy 
Over the Years

We love because he first loved us.
-John 4:19

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can Fix it. 

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