Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Favorites: Soccer, Cooking, Back to school

My favorites of the week!

|one| Cooking
I have been cooking up a storm lately and I've enjoyed doing it! I don't love to cook because I don't love to clean up the mess. I also hate when I spend a lot of time on something for my kids to look at it and say, "Eww, disgusting..." They have learned to eat what's in front of them... And I've learned to keep it Simple.

I cooked 4 times this week already!

My best tool for cooking is menu planning... It takes time and effort but once I have a menu and groceries, it's just a matter of doing it.

Yesterday Henry and I made a sausage cheese pie for my adult fellowship recipe exchange!

(Henry was upset because I wouldn't let him eat it but if you look closely at the second picture you can see that we pinched off a piece)

Also, my kids love to be in the kitchen and they love to help. I've found that they eat what they make!

I made a baked ziti yesterday while Lucy did her homework.
I have two new muffin and snack recipes to try out this weekend! 

|two| Soccer 
I've loved watching Henry play soccer. He loves being on a team and 4-5 year old boys are too cute! Also, I knew Henry was tall but didn't realize just how tall he is.... 

|three| Journey Girls Recipe Exchange
Last night we had our 2nd annual recipe exchange. We had more fun eating, visiting and then judging each other's cooking ability... Just kidding, everyone brought their A+ game! 

Love these girls!

|four| Face Wash
I can already tell a differenince in my skin... And I've used it for 2 days. I took my before picture, maybe I will share results after a few weeks! I'm really excited about the lash boost, I've seen great results from Julie and can't wait to have the same eyelash results!

|five| Back to school

I've found some great deals on amazon this week for back to school. I know it's just February but this under armour backpack is half off at $21 and these water bottles are 5.50 each. Both of my babies will be at school next year and I'm going to be ready!! 

Those are my favorites for this week!

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it.

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