Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Favorites

{one} Friends and Cards
The best part of chemo week is receiving the funny card from a friend. My favorite is the little stories inside and practical advice that is always included. Here's a glimpse at this months.


{two} Boomer Sooner
I don't even know what that means. Henry's soccer team is the Sooners because our coach is an OU fan. Since I don't want to coach I'm not going to complain. He taught the kids to yell Sooner after he yelled Boomer... The razorback in me wanted to die but I also loved seeing Henry so excited. You should have seen the LONGHORN MOM's Face when her son was yelling BOOMER SOONER, I thought she might pass out. Four-year-old soccer is CUTE!

{three} Budgets and Groceries

Alright, my food budget for January. I started tracking all of our spendings. I used to set a budget and loosely follow it, well that plan wasn't working... So every morning I check my receipts and bank account and enter them into my spreadsheet. This is better because I know where I am in my spending and how much I money I have left for the month... I know, back to the basics.

January was being aware of my menu plan and spending and tracking month. I guessed on what I thought I was spending for the main budget category. Menu planning is key. There was no waste in food which I loved. And I planned for little eating out...

When we were first married our grocery + household products (including personal supplies) was $400. We were very careful because there was no room for mistake. Extreme Mary is coming back and I've been monitoring kids paper towel consumption and toilet paper square use- this is only after henry wiped with a whole roll of toilet paper...

My goal is for household supplies + groceries to be at $600. Let's see what February brings.

{four} Granny Lucy

 Today is the 100th day of school and the kids got to dress up at 100-year-olds. Lucy in her best granny voice said, "Hello darling, back in the 20th century I could play soccer like... like... like... Well, I'm so old I lost my memory. My boyfriend in the 20th century was Tony Romo, He was a cowboy." She loves being a character!

{five} Mommy Blunders

I had a post this week on all my mommy mistakes from the last couple of weeks... I have a couple more.

1. I was proud of Henry for getting himself dressed all by himself and again I took credit for how responsible he was becoming. As soon as he hopped out of the car for school I noticed his shirt was on backward... that's okay, I've sent him to school with his pants on inside out before...

2. Lucy is becoming more independent. With her independence, I've forgotten to remind her of things... So the other day at soccer, Henry and I went to the playground while Lu practiced with her team. I saw the coach walking towards me and then she asked, "Does Lucy have a ball? Does she have a water bottle? She is really thirsty..." Yes... But it was in the car... So we got it out. I told the coach that we were working on responsibility and obviously our lessons weren't working. The next day we were getting ready for school and I couldn't find Lucy's jacket. Lucy said, "I left it on the soccer field..." So, I had to send an email out to the team. Thankfully the same coach picked it up...

More mommy blunders are here... 

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it. 

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