Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Favorites.

1. The Tinkle
Oh, Girls! You will not regret this little jewel! The Tinkle is an eyebrow razor or even a facial razor. It works better than plucking and is quick and easy to use. A friend introduced this to me and I'm going to start ordering them in bulk- I've even used it on my fingers/toes (Don't act like you don't shave your toes...) and even when I've missed a hair on my knees! Whenever there is a hair out of place I pull out the tinkle and just do a quick shave off. Why not use a razor? You can do this dry, you don't need water or shaving cream and I haven't gotten razor burn... 

2. 2 Bros Bows

Both of my kids received a 2 Bros Bow for Christmas! They have loved it so much. It's easy to use and with the soft front arrow they don't mess up my house when shooting inside. I even took this to school for our Valentine Party game! It's a crowd pleaser for the 4 and up crowd! 

3. Rhea Lana Shopping/ Consigning

Our local Rhea Lana sale is going on right now. Today starts the half price sale and continues until Saturday! This is my favorite sale to shop because I can find great brands and boutique clothes for both of my kids that don't break the bank. It's also a great place to buy books and toys. I wish I would have known about Rhea Lana when I was first starting out with kids, I thought everything had to be bought new and we were living on love at the time and didn't have a lot of money for baby things. I regret not putting more ruffles and bows on Lucy when she had no choice in what she wore! 

Next Rhea Lana point... I sell all of my kid's boutique and gently used clothes here. It's a great way to get rid of things and make a little money in the process and by a little money I've made $250 so far and I really didn't have any high price items!

4. Summer Camps

It's that time of year to start looking at all the summer activities to keep our kids busy. I don't like to over schedule our summer but I do like for my kids to have some planned activities so they don't get used to telling me they are bored or watching tv... 

5. The Thermos Container

This thermos has changed my lunch making game! If you've been reading you know that I am trying to save money and one area to cut back on is the food category. Let's start with school lunches- I was spending at least $50 a month on Lucy's lunch, some days she was coming home and saying she had to get seconds because she was still hungry- two meals a day at $2.50 each is is 100 dollars a month... That's insane. So, I started packing her lunch with filling foods. Every day she gets a sandwich or wrap, a pasta (noodles or organic mac n cheese), fruit or fruit and yogurt, pretzels, veggie- (carrots and hummus, broccoli and ranch), a drink and a dessert (muffin, cookie, something homemade). She is getting a lot of food and I'm spending less than $2 a lunch. 

The point of this story was that with the thermos the hot pasta and mac n cheese stays hot in the Thermos Container. I usually put hot water in the container and let it sit for 5 minutes while I prepare the rest of the meal. Then dump the water out and fill it with hot items and they stay hot until lunch time. I've also shoved leftover steak into the container and it has stayed warm. But that's not all, it keeps things cold, I feel safe sending her with yogurt or cottage cheese and not worrying about it spoiling!

That's it. Those are all my favorites!

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can Fix it. 

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