Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What's up Wednesday

I'm linking up this week to a couple of blogs for What's up Wednsday! 

What we are eating this week
I posted our menu plan on Monday! You can check it out or you can trust that we are having a roast, tacos, baked ziti and breakfast casserole.

Lucy and I also spent some time in the kitchen making homemade chocolate chip muffins. 

What I’m reminiscing about

Speaking of Lucy,  Time Hop and Facebook Memories are killing me. How do I almost have a 9-year-old? My baby is about to go to kindergarten! How did that happen?

What I’m loving
The warmer weather. I’m praying winter is over! I even pulled out my sunless tanner in hopes of leg season!

What we’ve been up to
Kid’s activities- Lucy has soccer and volleyball and Henry has soccer. Right now all we do is homework and soccer.
I’ve been working on our adult fellowship breakfast recipe exchange book. I’m excited about our 2nd annual recipe exchange this Thursday!

What I’m dreading
Next week is Jonathan’s 20th Chemo Week. Which is exciting because there is only 24 and only 5 (including this one) left but it is a hard week on all of us.

What I’m working on
I’ve been looking for silent auction basket donations for the Frisco Family Services Gala that is coming up next month! If you are local to Frisco and you sell something let me know if you would like to donate an item. This is FFS’s biggest fundraiser of the season and all proceeds go to feeding and assisting children and families in our town.
I’m also working on gathering up all of my tax documents so I can start that process. Which isn’t really a process it’s just sitting down and doing it. 

What I’m excited about
I found some great deals this week…

1.      1. This under armour backpack is less than half its original price. I think I’m going to get it for Henry’s Kindergarten backpack.

2.       2. I’ve just discovered ebates… Basically, you shop from their website onto your favorite store's sites and then purchase and receive a cashback. I’ve already made $20. If you sign up here you can get a $10 credit. Also, how come no one told me about this before? It’s been around for years. I love that I can get anywhere from 1-10% back on my online purchases.

3.       3. My friend Julie just became a Rodan and Fields consultant and I got to be her first customer. Right now they are running a special to get 30% off a regimen and lash boost. I’m starting tonight. One of the things that sold me on this product is that Julie has amazing skin, she's had great results.   

e     Her site- email her-

What I’m watching/reading
Dragons love Tacos - This is Henry's favorite 

Romans Ch. 9

We are in between shows, we just finished the OA and now our in between show is west wing… I started watching parenthood and am 8 episodes in and it has taken that long for me to like it, it’s also taken 2 years for me to get that far but now it’s my laundry folding show.

What I’m listening to
What does this even mean? I’m listening to my kids…

What I’m wearing

1.     1.  I bought the Kate Middleton engagement dress on Thredup this week.
 I     I had a coupon for $20 off (code- 20forpun). I have a couple of places I need to wear a dress to… but honestly, 30% of it was I just wanted to be like Kate… because she is classy and stylish and her hair is perfect…

(I’ve been on my spending freeze but I had to get a dress anyway, also, if you are new to thredup you can get 40% off of your first purchase. If you sign up here you can get a $10 credit! I’ve found so many great deals that I don’t even go into real stores anymore.)

2.       2. When I'm not dressing like Kate I'm wearing my sweatpants. (Only at home...) My under armour sweat pants are getting a lot of play this week. I've had the same pair of UA pants for 4 years and they still look brand new. Also, the waistband comes up over the belly button which is an important feature when talking sweatpants. 

3.      3.  I told you it’s warm so I’ve pulled out my white jeans- You can wear white anytime you want. That rule is not biblical and Jesus is my boss…

What I’m doing this weekend
Saturday- We have soccer games this weekend and church. We are homebodies especially the weekend before chemo. We are going to have family movie night and eat popcorn.
Sunday- Church and Fellowship

What I’m looking forward to next month
Next month we have Spring Break! We are taking a tiny trip at the end of our week off, more to come on this! (I hate when people do that- We are going to the circus… Because it’s the last year for the Barnabus Bailey circus. We are flying to Cincinnati for the weekend with my parents and sister. This was all G-daddy’s idea, except he just wanted to take all 6 grandkids with him and my mom. My mom told him that was crazy and they were too old for that so the parents were invited too!
What’s there to do in Cincinnati? Suggestions, please!

What else is new
That’s all I’ve got…

Bonus: What is your “can’t live without” beauty product?

I like makeup… I like to be able to see my makeup too… If I had to pick one item- a great moisturizer. I use a tinted moisturizer in place of foundation and I love that it isn’t thick, has spf and holds up all day!

Thank you for stopping by.  Tomorrow is Weekly Happenings where I catch you up on our week in pictures... The grandparents like this... 

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it. 

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