Monday, March 13, 2017

||Weekend Reivew|| Circus Trip

||Weekend Review||

I didn't mean to not blog last week. I meant to document the week in real time.... Well, here we are...
Let's do this backward and start with the weekend. 

This last Friday we packed up and headed to the airport to catch a flight to Cincinnati, Ohio. We planned a trip to Ohio to visit the circus.Actually, my dad planned this trip for him and the grandkids and thankfully mom made him invite us too!

It's the last year for the Ringling Bros! I'm so thankful that my kids were able to see the last greatest show on earth! It really was great, better than I remembered, even without the elephants. It was almost like a broadway but better, since there were tigers, poodles, and clowns.

Our Trip In Pictures:
Friday AM Flight. 

 Friday we decided we would go to the creation museum because online they said they had a life size arc! When we got there they said that it was 40 miles away... So we wondered through the creation museum and we all agreed it was the scariest place and not appropriate for kids... I'm all about Jesus but this was not my cup of tea!

 Jonathan thought this looked like Papaw.

 After exploring the museum we headed to our hotel to rest and then it was dinner time. After dinner, we decided to wander down to Graeter's ice cream since we heard it was so good! Verdict- Raspberry chocolate chip was the

It's not a fun trip unless swimming is involoved.

 Saturday we enjoyed a diner breakfast and then headed to the show.



Dinner to celebrate G-daddy's birthday!

Henry and Preston loved having a sleep over both nights.
And just like that, it was time to go home! I love getting to spend time with these guys and explore new places.

 Side Note- The airport had a kids play area which is a genius idea.

 These two were the best travelers!

 It was a fun trip and a great way to end spring break! Back to regular life this week!

The End.

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