Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekend Review + Weekly Plan

||Weekend Review||

I didn't take any pictures this weekend. But if you close your eyes you can picture me sitting in the cold and rain watching Henry and Lucy playing soccer. You can see Henry dancing on the soccer field. You can picture Lucy playing an amazing game and scoring 2 of the 3 points at her game, they lost... the first lost in two seasons but she played amazing. 

Saturday morning Jonathan's parents went home after helping us all week. Saturday afternoon we played soccer. Saturday evening we ate dinner with the Coble's and my parents and then Laura took my kids with her for the weekend. Jonathan has been in bed since Friday, he even took Friday off of work. 

After the kids left, J and I snuggled into bed and had a date night and watched the second twilight movie... why? I don't know.. Neither of us read the books nor have seen the movies. It's silly but not silly enough to quit... 

Sunday we had another home date and ordered pizza and watched the third twilight movie. Now I have to finish because I am not a quitter. 

Also this weekend I finished Shopaholic to the Stars and then instantly checked the last book, Shopaholic to the rescue, out from the library and finished it yesterday. You can read a lot when you don't have kids... I can also see why people like fiction books, it's an escape. I'm more of a self-help person but I may get into fiction. 

Today I'm going to pick up my babies and we are going to start spring break!!  

||Weekly Plan||

||To Eat||

Taco Soup
Spaghetti +Spaghetti Squash that we didn't eat last week. 

The kids are home all week so we plan to eat out of the pantry. 
-bean burritos
fruit: apples and oranges

Snacks and sides
Orange slices
Veggies + ranch
Boiled eggs
Peanut butter apples
Cottage cheese with apples or bananas
zone bars- 10 grams of protein!  (and it taste like a cookie) 

Oatmeal + apples or bananas
Hardboiled eggs or Eggs in general
Cinnamon Toast

||To Do||

Clean out my car
Six flags- we bought the membership and I think we may go play one day this week. 
Circus in Cincinnati
Pack for the trip. (which means mama has to do laundry...) 
Finish Bible Study

||To Study||

Learning the character of God.
- God is infinite. 
Bible Study- Romans  11:1-36
Lesson Seven- Israel's Future Salvation
Memory Verse: For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. 
(irrevocable-not able to be changed, reversed, or recovered; final.)

||Prayer Request||

Praise- Finished round 20 of Chemo. 4 more to go! 

Prayer- pray for Jonathan's recovery- quickly adjust back to normal. That the kids and I take advantage and enjoy our time together this week off of school.  

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it. 

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