Thursday, March 2, 2017

Weekly Happenings + Weekend Review

First, Thank you for the response to my last post on Kingdom Prayers. God is doing something amazing in my heart right now. I can't wait to share what he is revealing and all that I am learning. I'd share now but I'm still piecing it all together! God's tricky that way, never giving us the full pictures but pieces so that we will seek him more... Well played...

Let's talk about what we have been doing all week!

Emma Grace has a swim meet in Frisco! Lucy and I loved watching her swim and set 4 personal records!

 Then we sat on the ball field for 3 hours! Lucy had a game and right after her game, Henry played. I love being a soccer mom. It's kind of my dream job...

 Saturday night we had a little family game night. I'll be honest, game night is not my favorite0- the constant reminders of not making up your own rules, don't cheat, be nice... But we did it.

 Sunday we had a full day at church. Church, Fellowship and Fellowship Pizza Party. There were 90 people in our Sunday school room at one time!

 Monday was the start of a new school week. Henry and I had a little fun in the carpool line. He loves to stick his head out the sunroof and wave to his friends.

I decided it was time to start exercising again, so I joined my friend shelly at the Star and we did a group session outside! My new gym hasn't opened yet so they are offering classes outside. The weather was perfect but I haven't exercised since August so I am really feeling it this week!

 I was so excited about my Kate Middleton Dress arriving from Thredup and then I tried it on... Girlfriend has a good tailor because this was the most ill-fitting dress I've ever put on...
 Thankfully thredup has a great return policy.

Monday night was volleyball practice. Spring season just started!

 Tuesday Henry and I had a day at home and we worked on our todo list. After school, we had Lucy's soccer practice and Henry made funny faces that I posted to Instagram.

Wednesday both kids went to school and I had bible study. I also ran and did some marathon grocery shopping!

And that is our week so far! It's also chemo week...

Today, I am taking the day off from being a mom. I've handed Henry off to my in-laws and I'm oging to go crazy today... or thrift shopping...

I'll be documenting my day on the Collin County Moms Blog Instagram account. You can follow along here! 

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix it. 

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