Monday, April 17, 2017

4 day weekend review

We had a 4 day weekend! And we did absolutely nothing. It was glorious. Once the kids get into school you really start to appreciate your weekends. We are so busy all week with school, homework and extra-curricular activities that I don't want to leave my house on the weekends.

Friday we played and went to Costco.

Saturday, Jonathan was home and we didn't have anything on our calendar for the entire day! I did run to the grocery store for our 2 weeks worth of groceries! We had a family movie night and grilled and ate dinner outside. Perfect Day (except for grocery

Sunday, we woke up to Easter baskets. I was quick to tell the kids that these were from Mommy and Daddy to celebrate our LIVING GOD! (I'm not big on the Easter bunny...)

Easter ready! I have a cute video on Instagram of these two!

  We went to the 7:30 church service and were back home by 930. We chopped fruit for our dish to bring and then headed to flower mound to celebrate Easter with my sister's family and my parents.

Before we left for flower mound, this baby flipped over our little ikea kid's table and busted his face. No stitches just a huge bruise. His face is still swollen from this table/floor encounter.

We ended the Easter with The Princess Diaries and after the kids went to bed Jonathan and I watched Risen. That's it!

My kid's have the day off of school again today and we are soaking up our down time and enjoying each other. And by enjoying each other I actually mean we have had enough of each other and I'm ready for them to go back to school so they will stop fighting and asking me to feed them :))

Tomorrow we are celebrating Jonathan's 37th birthday! (When I mention his age, I like to follow it up with He's much older than me...)

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