Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Favorites!

My sister was telling me that she needed her windows cleaned so she had them quoted by a company.... She could have them cleaned for $300. So what did she do? She bought this kit for $15 and cleaned her own windows. Mama didn't raise fools! Cleaning the windows is on my todo list so I made sure to get this since she said it was so easy and worked!

I had a thredup credit from returns and found these sandals in my size. Thredup was offering free shipping so it made sense. They haven't arrived yet but I'm excited and a little nervous. My foot has a high arch which works well with supported shoes. Whenever I wear flat sandals my foot flattens out and sometimes overhands... I like sandals that contain my foot rather than a flip-flop... (Aren't you glad you know that... )

I wrote about thredup yesterday and how I like to shop on the site, you can see that here. It's a little overwhelming when you first begin...

Again, my sister was telling me her summer must haves and cling wrap was one of them. Cling Wrap? Yes, it contains everything! You can flip a glass upside down and it won't spill. I hate saran wrap because it doesn't stick but she said this is the way to go!

I should do a post on Laura's mom of 4 must haves...

4. Elta tinted sunscreen

My bottle arrived yesterday. The sun is out in Texas! It's time to protect my skin! This is my favorite daily sunscreen and I actually use this as a summer foundation. It's $10 off right now.

5. Larabars

Gluten Free and Delicious. I'm trying to clear some of the junk out of our panty but these have stayed! My kids think they are eating candy bars! There's a $5 off coupon today on amazon.

 It's Friday and my kids don't have school! Woohoo! We actually have an errand day and I have to go to the grocery store with both of them...

God is bigger than this and Jesus can fix it.

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