Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happy 37th Birthday.

Today My love turns 37. I have prepared a little tribute and of list of reasons why I love that crazy man.

1. I love you because you introduced me to Jesus.

2. I love you because you were patient with me while I figured out that whole Jesus Thing...

3. I love you because you are my safe place.
 4. I love you because you make me laugh constantly.

 5. I love that you are nice to look at... They said you can love an ugly man just as easily as you can love a good looking man. I'm thankful that you are good looking since our kids look just like you...

 6. I love that you can't do a task without the help of your tongue. (see above pic)

7. I love that you gave me two clones of yourself...

8. I love that you are quick to apologize when you are wrong...

9. I love that you only like to wear soft shirts.

10. I love that when you help with the laundry you only fold your clothes... (I actually don't love this just wanted to point it out...)

 11. I love that you work so hard to provide for your family.

12. I love all of our adventures. Remember that time we went fishing and you busted your back running onto the dock and all I could do was laugh?

  13. I love that you love me even though I have a hard time not laughing when people fall down..

14. I love that you are a homebody.

  15. I love our movie nights.

 16. I love that you love technology details.

17. I love that you try to explain these details to me...

18. I love how laid back you are.

 19. I love when you play air instuments and  you are really serious about it even though you've never played an instrument in your life...

20. I love the way you instantly fell in love with the thought of kids as soon as I told you I was pregnant.

21. I love to see your personality shine through our kids.

22. I love that you can fix things.

 23. I love that you don't like to be told what to do but do things anyway with my subtle hints.

 24. I love the memory of your face in the delivery room when everyone yelled "It's a BOY!"

25. I love that you put up with my crazy.

27. I love that you keep all of your valuables in a backpack so no one will mess with your stuff.

28. I also love how this backpack lives in your locked car...

29. I love how you never know where your stuff is... I've learned just sit quietly while you run through your steps...

30. I love when I'm complaining or acting crazy and you call it to my attention. All husbands should do this. Men, Call out your wives crazy!

31. I love that you can grow a beard in 2 days. It would come in handy if we ever needed to go in hiding.

32. I love that you didn't die during brain surgery and cancer treatment.

33. I love that the first thing you do once you get home from work is kiss me and then instantly take out the garbage...

 34. I love that you take notes in a journal- church notes, idea notes, story notes.

35. I love the way you love me. You are everything I don't deserve.

36. I love that you have no social media because you don't care what people are doing and you don't care if they know what you are doing!
37. I love that in high school you went to a star trek convention... (in costume...)

Happy Birthday, Pookie Bear!

God is bigger than this and Jesus Can fix-it.

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