Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Show and Tell- Prom Edition + Throw Back Pictures

I'm joining a show and tell blog hop! Today's topic- PROM! I dug out some pictures and took a picture of a picture to show all of you...

Let's start with my sophomore year, I was invited to prom and was excited to go since sophomores weren't allowed unless invited!

Let's take a moment and talk about this picture.
1. I wore my sister's prom dress. But since she went to a different high school no one knew...
2. My sister was 2 sizes smaller than me and my mom had to let out the skirt...
3. Please notice my 15.5 year old top abs...

My junior prom.

My senior prom.

I remember saving red for my senior year!

As I was looking at pictures in my senior scrapbook I found this sibling picture. Since yesterday was national sibling day I thought you would want to see my sisters!

 And my mama.

me and my mama- The 80's was good to us!

That's all I have for my show and tell!

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