Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekend Review

We had a busy weekend full of friends, games and Jesus. :)

We started the week waking up together. My kids love to sleep in the same bed. Honestly it is easier for them to go to bed this way so I don't mind.

Friday I worked all day in the yard. I mowed, trimmed trees, cleared the back patio and pressure washed the patio, cushions and furniture. It was a productive day!

  Saturday Henry had a game that started at 8:30 in the morning!

 Lucy had a soccer game followed by a volleyball game.

We ended our Saturday with a date night! We haven't had a date in a long time! It's fun to get dressed up and visit with your boyfriend.

Sunday we went to church, took a nap and I folded laundry. Now it's back to the real world!

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